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Yeah. Pascha happened. Now I'm back on track. Yes, I gained quite a bit of weight. Almost all? Seven pounds in the last two weeks? Yes, it's true.

This is what not tracking for a week, and having a few bad weeks before that where I half tracked, will get me.

But it is a new beginning and I will NOT give up. I have not given up. I did not give up.

It's just that Pascha happened and my sleep got all topsy turvy and that has made all sorts of other things irregular and I am SO READY to be tracking again. Enjoying it, actually.

I feel more secure this way. And that is a load off my mind.

Burn it and Earn it

Well, I managed to lose weight this week (1.2 pounds). I had a little chat with the WW leader and asked for her advice: What do I do if I have a really really bad day, and blow it really bad? Do I ditch all the weekly points and limp along for the rest of the week without using them, or do I pick up the next day and start fresh and still have my weekly points? She told me to do the latter. Good to know.

I did not think I'd lose weight this week because I sort of blew the weekend, what with the AHG camping trip and all. But I guess my workouts and choices in general combined to make it an OK week. I definitely want to track better in the coming weeks.

I have also hit my own personal wall. I'm starting to bump up against the reality that I have big food issues and compulsive eating and I have to deal with the emotional aspects of why I'm overweight (emotional eating, compulsive eating, stress eating and I MUST learn to deal with emotions in non-food-related ways...…

Weigh in Report after a crummy week

I really struggled last week with food cravings, urges to compulsively eat and too many glasses of wine (too many from a Weight Watchers perspective, not from a drunken sot perspective).

Well, yesterday I faced the music, and found I'd gained a mere .2 pounds. I'll take it. Mild punishment, indeed!

And my workouts are progressing very nicely. I designed a lovely 30 minute "dumbell circuit" workout where I alternate between weights and the rebounder. AND I've bumped up my dumbells to eight pounds since the five pounders I started out with seemed too easy after my initial soreness wore off.

I decided to start training for a 5K which will be on May 22, so I'm going to be doing some walking workouts in addition to the cardio/weights.

I promised you all I'd share this workout with you, and so here it is:

Each exercise is done continuously for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of jogging in place on a mini trampoline (or on the floor, or one could use…

Georgian Orthodox Priest and some Uncreated Light

Dear Knees,

I'm sorry I've done this to you. You hurt. I know you do. You have to haul all this extra weight around and you just don't like it. You don't like it when I exercise, but I have to, so that eventually you won't have to carry such a heavy load. You especially don't like stairs. I'm so sorry I thought I was invincible and that there would be no consequences to each individual choice I made.

But I know better now.

Each choice I made is added to each other choice I made. And now you hurt.

Dear Knees,

I'm so sorry.

I'm trying to fix it. You inspire me and motivate me to fix what's broken about me, so that you won't be broken.



Today I Blew It

Tomorrow is a new day and I will begin again with counting points.

White-Knuckling It

Look what I found at the thrift store yesterday!

...along with a large George Foreman grill in pristine condition, a white comforter, also in pristine condition, and a copy of the classic book The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair, oh...and some dinner plate. I'm forever collecting random dinner plates in various blue and white patterns for my "country eclectic" dining set. These five are scalloped white stoneware with little blue flowers. Pretty much perfect, if you ask me.

I've hit my first big mental dieting wall this weekend. It all started with me working too hard yesterday and getting over tired. I thought I was over all that over-tired business, but apparently not. Between the errands I ran in the morning, the concentrated sewing I did in the afternoon, and the kitchen work I did shortly before Vespers yesterday, I was dead on my feet by the time vespers came around. Managed to put on a brave face and go. Then Wes and I were supposed to go out on a little dat…