How I Rewarded Myself

I went for a short walk. This might not seem like much, but here I am, two months since having mono, a month or so since diagnosis, and still feeling the effects. I walked SLOWLY and gently and did not ever get more than a little ways from my front door, around and around the block in our apartment complex. At any time I could have cut across the lawn and been at my apartment.

I walked a mile in about half an hour.

The sun is shining, the air is cool and spring-like while the sun is simultaneously warm. A perfect, gorgeous early March day in Kentucky!

I LOVE being out of doors and have really missed it since I've been sick these past few months. So, that's how I "treated myself" today. I've managed, simply by putting one foot in front of the other and doing what has been before me to do this day, to get my mood out of the funkety funk it was mired in earlier.

I also got some wedding dress sewing done, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Finished the foundation of one dress, with the boning and such. It looks nice. My mind is still going a thousand miles a minute thinking of how I"m doing to do the "fancy stuff" on this dress, but really those decisions need to wait until I have a meeting the the bride on Monday next.

And such, is my life. Now that the kids are done with school, I"ve done my sewing for the day and done a bit of laundry too, I'm officially "off work" until it's time to cook dinner. I think tonight will be Spanikopita and some sauteed onions and some pumpkin bread for dessert.


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