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Weight Loss/Dieting Update

I've dropped another 2.4 pounds this week (did that same week before last and then stayed at the same weight last week, so am anticipating another "stay the same" week coming up, perhaps?). Down 11.6 pounds so far and am now focusing like an eagle on the 220's which are just around the corner. Yeah, I was in the top half of the 240's when I started this trip down weight loss lane.

But my motto remains "slow and steady wins the race" and I bought a little tortoise/turtle charm for my charm bracelet to remind myself to be patient with the process.

Meanwhile, I'm utterly addicted to watching Biggest Loser. I know they are going at breakneck speed down the weight loss superhighway, but it's inspiring nonetheless. My very blunt twelve year old son tells me: "Mom, you would NEVER survive at the ranch...because of your fibromyalgia, you know." Ok, thanks for that, son. He keeps it all real.

The other corner that I've rounded is t…

Vile Smell of the Week

Somehow, without really planning on it, I've done a good bit of cleaning this week. This morning there as an inconclusive odor in my kitchen. I cleaned up the pantry shelves, checking all the squashes, onions, garlic, potatoes, rot there to speak of.

I even CLEANED THE REFRIDGERATOR!!!!! (it was nasty)

Still, the vile smell persisted.

I finally figured out what it is.

And the problem is, I can't do much about it right now. ech.

See, last week, maintenance came and installed a brand spankin' new dishwasher. You'd think this would be a good thing, right?

Well, so far, not.

Because it does not drain right.

And I've been SO BUSY that I've not called them to report the problem.

So there's been brown waters sitting in the bottom of the dishwasher for about a week.

And now it smells. REALLY BAD, IT SMELLS.

Like sewage.

Oh, lovely.

And other than running the dishwasher again (which I'm doing, it may be the biggest mistake I could make b…

Tim McGraw - Southern Voice (Official video)

Yeah, so it's two am and I'm going to torture my blog readers with some music selections that I like. Yes, I'm southern, and I like Tim McGraw.

Oh and by the way...

I lost some more weight today for a grand total of 9.4 so far since I started Weight Watchers. Those drips and drabs of weight loss DO add up. I got myself a turtle charm for my charm bracelet to remind me of my "slow and steady" motto.

Bangers 'n Mash for St. Patrick's Day

It's lent. So there's no real meat in this dish.

Mashed potatoes, however your family eats them.

Steamed cabbage-a whole head chopped and steamed above the water that is cooking the potatoes.

Sautee in some water or cocounut oil 2 large onions, sliced. When these are clear/caramelizing, add a package of mushroom slices, salt, pepper and two packages of Morning Star vegan breakfast links.

Let this cook with a lid on the skillet until the meat and mushrooms are done. Add some water and a bit more salt and some flour to thicken the gravy.

Serve this over the mashed potatoes and cabbage.

I make NO CLAIMS that this is authentic Irish food. I got the idea for this dish from something I ate a Molly Malone's-the (so-called) Irish Pub chain.

It was yummy. The real thing, of course, is yummier. But alas, not lenten.

Don't Wait Until Tomorrow

One of the things I've been thinking about in my weight loss journey is the idea of "don't wait until tomorrow". In order to embrace the process, rather than be obsessed with the end result. I have got to (and am actually doing it) develop a "don't wait until tomorrow" attitude.

I think I started learning this lesson last year, when I went spelunking. Ok, so it was with a bunch of kids (I'm an American Heritage Girls assistant leader) and it WAS a "mini cave tour" but we were indeed on our hands, knees and bellies and it was complete with helmets, mud and scary tight places. And it was very very dark.

So, I thought it would be a terrifying experience. But it was not. It was exhilirating and FUN.

If I had waited until I was thinner, I never would have gone.

Three years ago, when I was working on failed WW attempt number X, I had it in my mind that I wanted a red dress. I thought it would be such a nice "after" thing to we…

Food Worlds Collide

As many of you know, I"m a big fan of Nourishing Traditions, by Sally Fallon, and the nutritional philosophy of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

As many of you also know, I'm an Orthodox Christian, and it is now Lent, and there are certain religiously prescribed (strongly suggested but no one is going to hell if the fast is not followed) fasting rules.

Also, my doctor has me, lo these many years, on a carb-moderated eating plan.

AND I'm doing weight watchers.


Talk about food worlds colliding!

So, here I offer you a WW friendly, Lent friendly, WAPF friendly not-so low carb but still smart enough because it's sugar free YUMMO dessert:

Frozen Banana with homemade sugar free healhty "magic shell":

1 Frozen banana, cut into 4 chunks.
1 T. coconut oil, melted
1 T. cocoa powder
pinch salt
4 packets of stevia
tiny bit of vanilla flavor

Mix the oil the the ingedients following. Roll the frozen banana pieces in the chocolate sauce. It will harden and form a…

An Icon Cloth

My husband was cleaning out his corner of the bedroom, and lo and behold he found an icon cloth I'd embroidered for him years and years ago. I was going through an embroidery phase, never having learned proper embroidery technique, or anything. Just an effort.

At any rate, I thought it was pretty and so here it is:

Forgiveness Sunday and the Beginning of Lent

I missed Church yesterday. Both the Divine Liturgy and the Forgiveness Vespers service. I was sick in bed, alternating falling asleep with having chills and being achy and very very hungry all at the same time.

Mono rears it's ugly everlasting head.

So, dear blog readers, I put this out there in the spirit of Forgiveness Sunday, even though it is Clean Monday today, the first day of Lent for Orthodox Christians:

Forgive me, my sisters and my brothers, for any sins I have committed against you in what I have written here, and in what I have not written. And for those of you precious ones whom I know in real life, forgive me for my words and my deeds, and for my lack of words and lack of deeds. Forgive me, my brother and my sisters, for I have sinned.

And now we begin our lenten journey. I feel like it's been lent for all of 2011 as I've been dealing with the slowness and the quietness of illness and exhaustion beyond what I'm used to deal with with Fibromyalgia.


Self Examination

One of the things I am determined to do as I travel along this weight loss journey of mine, is to reflect on the inner workings of my psyche and my motivations and my REASONS for over eating.

I no longer want to be blind to that darker side of me that sometimes just wants to EAT and eat heedlessly.

Following the Weight Watchers program is like keeping a river within it's banks. For years I've always chastised myself for not having natural banks to my "eating river" if you will allow me to use such an analogy.

Finally, I just simply accept that left to my own devices, my food consumption meanders all over the place and floods me. I'm obese. How can it be otherwise. I need limits and boundaries and I'm ever so grateful to WW for giving me those.

So, this evening has been one of those times when I feel myself in the danger zone. After eating too much at supper (and yet, dutifully counting the points and knowning exactly how much that was, grateful for t…

Weigh in Report

I lost .8 pounds this week, for a total of 6.4 so far. Down is better than up.


How I Rewarded Myself

I went for a short walk. This might not seem like much, but here I am, two months since having mono, a month or so since diagnosis, and still feeling the effects. I walked SLOWLY and gently and did not ever get more than a little ways from my front door, around and around the block in our apartment complex. At any time I could have cut across the lawn and been at my apartment.

I walked a mile in about half an hour.

The sun is shining, the air is cool and spring-like while the sun is simultaneously warm. A perfect, gorgeous early March day in Kentucky!

I LOVE being out of doors and have really missed it since I've been sick these past few months. So, that's how I "treated myself" today. I've managed, simply by putting one foot in front of the other and doing what has been before me to do this day, to get my mood out of the funkety funk it was mired in earlier.

I also got some wedding dress sewing done, which is ALWAYS a good thing. Finished the foundation o…

The Slowness of it All

I think, today, I really need to focus on accepting the slowness of my weight loss journey. Perhaps because I went to a wellness check at my husband's work place (required to get the company to chip in on insurance premiums), I have my weight on my mind.

Of course, the scale at thew wellness check was not kind to me, and I'm choosing to totally ignore it, since I have been faithfully staying on the Weight Watcher's plan of eating AND making some good/healthy/higher protein choices within plan, to boot. (Omelet not cereal for breakfast, for instance.)

So, the numbers should not bother me. But they do.

I felt a need to explain to everyone there that I'm dieting. That I'm trying to do better.

And everyone was kind and encouraging, but sometimes I wonder if there's a sense of "yeah, right, lady! Your weight is EXACTLY THE SAME!"

I wonder if my friends secretly think I'm not following the program, too. Because my progress is SOOOO SLOOOOOWWW…