Monday, December 13, 2010

A Winter Idyll

I can never resist peeking out of the window on a snow day, first thing in the morning, just to see the sight of the world covered in white. Yesterday we woke up to a dusting, but as it had been raining before it turned to snow, there was ice underneath, which made walking to the car especially hazardous. To make things even more exicting, we had this amazing cake that Ariana had made to take to Church. The Applepatch party (an organization that serves children and adults with Down's Syndrome) that it had originally been destined for, had been cancelled. Where else but Church would we find enough hungry bellies for such a large cake? (Three 9x13's and a double batch of rice crispy treats for the roof, not to mention all the goodies on the outside!)

And in the afternoon, we settled in for some snow! Knitting, games, old movies, hot tea and a log in the fire place. It was as peaceful and idyllic as an afternoon could get...after we all spent about half an hour tidying the place up, that is.

We all agreed that a tidy home is more relaxing than a messy home.


elizabeth said...

what a lovely cake!


I agree - a tidy house is so much nicer and one can relax a bit better.

I just wish mine would magically stay tidy! :)

Ο ΓΡΑΦΩΝ said...

The cake is adorable.

What a nice time you must have had! I love snowy days. Snow makes me forget there are troubles in the world,i think it magically makes me four years old. It snowed a bit on Friday and Saturday where i am, but that was it. Too windy, and probably not cold enough, to allow for a snowy- white morning...