Slowly Losing It

Yesterday I was getting dressed and had to change my outfit because finally at long last, I officially have a pair of slacks that are too big for me.

And there's that one sweater that's starting to hang unattractively. I keep telling myself that I'd better wear it a lot before it, too, is too big for me to get away with wearing.

So, I'm grateful to be on this journey in a way that I can do long term that involves nutritious food and not starving myself.

And no, I wont be blowing my progress on Christmas cookies. I have a long way to go yet.

Perhaps I'll keep those slacks as my "before" pants and take a picture of me standing there holding the waistband out someday. a year or so.

Meanwhile, I offer you some links to a couple of awesome low carb recipe blogs I've found: Healthy Indulgences and Lighter Side. Enjoy!


elizabeth said…
keep it up Alana! you're doing great!
Laura said…
Congratulations!! I'm cheering for you!!
Tiffany said…
Hi Alana!
Your sweater was beautiful!!

I remember my pants becoming ridiculously big and it was the BEST feeling to have to get rid of them - looking in amazement and wondering how I they could be so big and how I could have been so big to have filled them out! Congratulations - burn this memory into your head and when you get discouraged (as we all do) think back and recall the feeling! Best wishes to you!
Matushka Anna said…
Congratulations! Every pound lost is a victory. I'm trying to regain some lost ground...

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