Today I was able to exercise and I'm so grateful! And this was AFTER going to hellmart for one of my weekly shopping trips. That's huge, you all.

My fibro has given me a bit of a break today. Maybe it's the fact that I've started taking vitamin D and B complex supplements, along with my meds. I was reading an interesting article that a friend sent me about most Americans not getting adequate vitamin D, and how it feeds the illness industry that is Big Pharm and their AMA distributaries.

But I'd already been taking the supplements. Should have been all along since I was dx'd with low vitamin D over a year ago. I'm so bad about vitamins. After all, I tell myself, they taste funny and they're "just vitamins". Yeah, whatever.

So, my exercise routine: I'd been going to Curves, and then discontinued my membership so that we'd have more money for other things like medical bills and the cost of expensive pills. Life can be such fun. Then I took a cake decorating class with my daughter and went from being fat to REALLY fat. Oh joy.

So basically I was fat-but-fit and now I'm having to regain lots of lost ground. Starting from "I have fibromyalgia and there are some days I can't move" scratch.

But even on my bad days I could do Curves, so I'm hoping I can do this little routine three times a week as well. The concept is the same: hit each body part at least twice with a resistance exercise for 30 seconds and alternate with 30 seconds on the mini trampoline. Those things have many benefits.

So for the weighted parts I do: shoulder presses, bicep curls, tricep extensions, flat bench press (using a footstool in our living room because I"m so glamorous like that), lat raises, crunches, squats, lying dumbell leg curls, deadlifts, overhead tricep extensions, hammer curls, flye press, oblique crunches and static lunges, and maybe a few extra leg extensions for my non-existent abdominals.

Ideally I'd do this twice for a full 30 minute or so workout.

Today I did it once since I'm so out of shape.

But it sure felt good to get my heart rate up.

So, that's what's up today.


elizabeth said…
this is great. keep it up - I know how hard it is to keep at these things. Hugs.
Brew Coffee said…
Brew Coffee
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Thanks so much.....
RLFaller said…
I have chronic low Vit D as well. The little vitamins are fun. ^_^ Sunshine in a capsule.
amy said…
Keep up the great work!!

Exercise & good nutrition are the root of healthy body and mind...

I had neglected it for several years (after having a regular work-out schedule for many more years) and my body told me so...I felt tired so much of the time and my PMS issues grew far worse.

We live too far away from the gym and so, my workout consists of regular hikes (not a problem to get an aerobic workout with all our hills!) and taking a good multi-vitamin.

A website you might enjoy about women's issues -


I began reading here more seriously after having a bad reaction to a prescription medication...

My health is on the front burner again and so, your post really hit home.

God Bless

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