Another Cake Picture

The decorations on this are totally over the top and "old school".


Anonymous said…
I like that cake! I didn't even realize that there were styles in cake decorating and that something COULD be old school, eek!
Alana said…
Buddy from The Cake Boss always calls designs like this one, with the drapes and flowers and symmetry "old school". The more up to date look for cakes is to do theme cakes with fondant over the icing and then figurines or flowers or cut-outs out of fondant or modeling chocolate.

I prefer "Old School" and I have something white with pink and red piping and roses (green leaves) in mind for Valentine's Day.
Anonymous said…
I love your cake decorating posts! My mother did this professionally (from the 1950's to the 80's) so all I ever really knew was these classic, old school styles. Her frosting was Crisco based and very easy working, and soft and yummy eating. I will look forward to seeing your valentine cake! :-)

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