My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa...(My Christmas wish list):
-I saw a pretty binder at costco for doing one's own recipe collection. I need to improve my cooking by using more/better recipes in 2011. That would be a nice gift because all the best recipes seem to be on-line these days.

-I have a huge box of pictures that needs scrap booking. DO I DARE ask for scrap booking supplies? I'm frightened of a new craft involving (gasp!) paper. I wouldn't know where to begin. But I have this yen to do something with some of them....

-nothing sparkly. I'm not in a sparkly mood this year. No jewelry this year.

-knives. I need knives...but knives are BORING UTENSILS, and I don't really want boring utensils for Christmas. (I remember the year my mom was thrilled to get a salad spinner for Christmas. I think all moms should get any kitchen item they want/need any time at all, but NOT for Christmas.

-I do NOT want a snuggy. I have hotflashes. Do they make wearable air conditioners?

But a pair of house slippers would be nice. Perhaps the kind with memory foam?

And while we are speaking of wishes and memory foam...I need a new bed. But I think that's way beyond a Santa miracle. That's all the way up to the top... that would be a God miracle, or a God via Saint Nicholas miracle. Dear God, I need a new bed. My back hurts. Amen.

-Dear Santa, something smell-good to keep my skin moisturized and someone nice to apply it to me regularly. Some nice Swedish/Norwegian guy, preferably. Yeah, him (the one I married).

-Dear Santa, what I don't have enough of is energy. Can I have some energy for Christmas?

-Oh, and maybe that energy could come in the format of me burning off all the body fat I'm currently lugging around. That would be great. A wonderful Christmas present. I'll skip the Christmas cookies if it would help. Will give them to you on a plate with a glass of milk. You can be fat and jolly. Personally, I don't find myself very jolly when I'm as fat as I am this year.

-Dear Santa...what I want most in the world is for my kids to grow up loving God and for them to be OK as they face the challenges of living in this world with Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning Autism. So what I want for Christmas is the grit and the strength to keep on being the best mom for them, because none of us are getting any younger...and I'm SO TIRED almost all the time.

-Dear Santa, that purse you gave me last year is a bit heavy and large...but oh, so chic. I wish I used it more often. Perhaps I shall stuff half of it with light weight scarves to I won't be tempted to carry so many books in there and weigh myself down.

-Dear Santa, I collect tea pots. I don't own a Christmas themed tea pot. That would be nice.

-A pretty shelf to display tea pots on.

-I would also like a Nativity Scene, which I do not own. But darn it, where would I put one? Nevermind.

-And Santa, for some reason I always want a Christmas dress because I'm old-fashioned and weird and I want to dress up for Church. I always envision something beautiful and end up feeling like a frumpy ill-put-together cow on Christmas. That might have more to do with the lateness of the hour of Church than anything else, though.

-Dear Santa...most of all I want to not be sick this year on Christmas so that I can make it to the midnight Divine Liturgy for the Nativity of Our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ: Christ's Mass.

Yours truly,


P.S. If anyone asks me if I believe in Santa, I tell them all about Saint Nicholas. More people ought to know the truth.


elizabeth said…
sigh. nice list.

my list:

1. a job
2. money
3. money to go home for Christmas
4. a peaceful heart

I asked for a job for Christmas already of God and St. Nicholas. Here's hoping.

Would be so happy if you could get a new bed - or at least mattress? And energy, oh that would be good.

love to you.
Alana said…
thanks Elizabeth. would be so nice if you could get a job and money. Your list is so very basic. Wow.

(I don't have a bed. just a mattress on the floor. Never had a bed since we were married.)

Love to you, too.
Rebecca said…
Last year we saw "Santa" in the mall ... my daughter wanted to go and talk to him so badly ... "I want to talk to Saint Nicholas and ask him to pray for us!!" :-D
Anonymous said…
Alana, have you heard of Dustin Maher? He makes fitness classes designed for moms, and he has DVDs. I think the first one is free.
His exercises are straightforward and efficient and kind of fun, and they're designed to give you more energy fast. The New York Times and Mayo Clinic have written about strength and interval training lately, which is what he does. I've been teaching fitness classes based off his dvds (with his permission) lately, and 6 weeks later people have more energy, more flexibility, even better blood pressure!

I have a red and green Christmassy teapot, which I am not especially fond of. Do you want to do a teapot trade? I could use a littler teapot for Christmas....
Renee said…
I don't know much about it but there is digital scrapbooking. Sounds less messy than cutting, stickers, etc
Mimi said…
I wish you lived closer to me, I have more than enough Scrapbooking supplies and would be happy to share with you, and to scrap with you.

Could you just use a three ring binder for your recipes? That's what I do.

Having said that, making a Christmas list is such a joy :)
Anonymous said…
I disagree with knives being boring utensils. Really nice ones are wonderful, and so expensive that they are definitely a luxury!
thegeekywife said…
I have asked God to send you and your DH a bed.

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