Thrift Store Score

Today's haul:

A bicycle for the kids. I promised the kids when I found one at the thrift store I'd buy it. Today was that day.

Bike helmet

Wooden bread box w/ harvest scene etching and "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". A "want" not a need, but will keep my kitchen tidier.

Corningware 9x13 casserole baking dish. Needed another 9x13 since my pampered chef stone one broke. One casserole dish for the family just doesn't cut it sometimes.

Small high quality stainless steel saucepan w/ clear glass lid Again, I needed this as I only had one saucepan, had been thinking of buying one new soon.)

A pink glass bell (to be used by sick people when stuck in bed and need help so they don't have to use their voice to what my mom had when I was growing up.)

Sweaters for Eric (needed them)

Leggings for Ariana (2 pairs. She needed them and I was going to buy some someplace else this weekend. These were new w/ tags at thrift store prices!)

A pretty blouse for me (like I NEED more clothes...ha! But it was a soft ocean blue w/ pretty floral print and embroidery on it and I could not resist and it was only two and a half dollars, so there.)


elizabeth said…
Yay for thrift stores! I think in the grand scheme of things buying something that was not a need hopefully will not ultimatly endanger our salvation or anything. Not that we do not have to be vigilant at all times. I am slowly purging of things I don't need or have outgrown (this includes books and music) but this does not mean I don't want other things... and so it goes...

sounds like you got some great things and were able to save money too! yay!
GrandmaToots said…
I scored a Wilton 9 X 9 cake pan and a Ukulele the other day! I love thrifting!!!!!!
thegeekywife said…
awesome! Love that you found a decent bike!

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