Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Projects in my Head

If you are like me, you have a mental wishlist of things you would like to do someday. For me, these include the following:

Reading through the big stack of books I have started but not finished-The Atheist Delusion by David Bentley Hart, The Gulag Archipelago by Solzhhoweveryouspellit, The Great Upheaval by Jay Winik and The Brothers Kharamazov by Dostoyevsky. Oh, and St. Necktarios.

For some reason, when reading is thick, I struggle to get through it. Whereas, when reading is lite, I can fly through a brain-candy book in no time at all. I have a really really bad habit of starting a book, and then starting another book, and another, and another. Of the above stack, I have started ALL of them and finished none. So I have picked up The Atheist Delusions and am forcing myself to finish it. And then the next and the next, and so on. So that's my stack of reading.

Then there's the stack of unfinished crafts. I have a sweater I'm working on, a child sized cardigan in purple, with cables. I stoppped knitting it when the pillow project came my way. Of course work I do for people takes precedence over my own personal projects and knitting is one of those time consuming things that can only happen when I'm not too tired, and when fibro is not making my arms and hands ache too badly. It's a miracle I get as much done as I do, I guess.

I also have in mind to make a quilt and have been collecting fabric scraps to that end. I'm not there yet, but the collection has begun. It's definitely a project in my head.

I would LIKE to knit myself a sweater or sweater jacket out of natural fisherman's wool. I think that will be my next thing, in the realm of knitting.

Oh, and I have in my head to design some American Girl Doll sized (18") ethnic costumes from other minority nationalities who have come to the United States: Greek, Russian, Serbian...you get my drift. There might be a small market for such crafts, perhaps?

And I have yet and still to open that etsy shop I dream about.

Oh well, I'm busy enough as it is.

So, those are the projects in my head. What are yours?


elizabeth said...

I hear you with the thick books...

love to you.

Veiled Glory said...

Need some more small floral prints? Which colors? :-)

2/3rd the way through Brothers K. Should finish that before end of year (finally at the interesting part of whodunit?)

My never-ending dress fabric which will someday be a wardrobe.


Alana said...

Hey Anna, I'm up for any scraps you may want to send me!

Tawni said...

Just finished the Brothers Karamozov- I actually liked the Alyosha-centric parts of the book better, and got bogged down in the whodunit. :) Want to start Eusebius' Church History soon, but I might have to read something a little lighter first.
Just need to sew up the sleeves and put buttons on F's birthday sweater, then I can start on Christmas- I'd love to make her a pretty stocking and a stuffed animal, but I know I won't have time for both.
Would also like to turn some of my fabric stash into skirts for me, and some of her papa's rejected shirts into dresses for F, but I dear my sewing may be on a few years' hiatus. I'm not finding the mommy-of-a-toddler season of life very conducive to crafting, and I'm slowly accepting that. :)

Anonymous said...

When I get to the point that I've started a book half a dozen times only to put it down again after a few pages, I've been known to break down and get the Reader's Digest version (or college guide synopsis) at a used bookstore.

I read The Gulag and Brothers K in high school, but recently dusted them off after taking a few Leo Tolstoy short stories as reading material on a trip with my teen-age son. What adds to the interest is reading about the authors, too.

Good Luck!

Bella Scarlett said...

I confess, it must be fiction at this point. Nothing heavy, just good stories. Project: A soft corduroy dress.

Shelley said...

I made a really cute AG outfit of traditional Russian clothing. See it here: http://mymountainhome.typepad.com/my_mountain_home/2007/05/snow.html

Shelley said...

Link seems to have gotten truncated; it was May 5, 2007

Rebecca said...

I'm there with you on the books too. My current project is Brothers Karamazov.

Sewing: I have tons and tons of fabric just waiting to sew ... shirts for DH, blouses, dresses, etc for DD and myself. A beautiful wool that I want to make a lined, winter cape for myself. So much fabric that I really should take out insurance on it. LOL Although I don't seem to be able to find time with sewing right now, due to schooling with DD and all her PE activities.

I, too, want to make a quilt. I took a class on hand-quilting in my previous life (before DH & DD). I want to a quilt for our king bed ... someday.

And I want to learn to spin the wool that we have from our (previous) sheep. DH gave me a beautiful spinning wheel for Christmas a few years ago, and I have yet to learn. :-( Of course the band that runs from the treadle to the other side got broken in the move (rather by the DD who was messing it when we were distracted by the move), so I have to fix that, AND find a time when DH can watch DD so I can take a class. Of course, it took 3 tries to get a half hour to see a trainer at the gym, so the chances of me being able to take a class on a particular night for 4 consecutive weeks is pretty slim. Maybe someday, when I feel she's old enough to leave with a sitter ... and I find a sitter.

And, btw, I'm right there with you on the ETSY shop. I thought I'd do it this year ... I was really into knitting again ... and then ... no. Not enough time.


Alana said...

Shelley, LOVE those doll clothes!

Victoria said...

Re-cover and stain a set of antique dining chairs. Put a filing cabinet together and organize all our personal papers. A couple cross-stitches. More square-foot gardening.

Have given up on the stack of books.

My word veri is perge, which is much like purge. Um.

thegeekywife said...

1.knitting a baby blanket for my 3rd niece whose arrival is soon
2. reading Ulysses
3. organizing
4. learning to manage time
5. Writing a novel! nanowrimo.org

these projects are the tip of the iceberg!

bjm said...

Projects: ~finish Mama Brown-like Christmas stockings for W. family ~make a fall shopping run to Goodwill Store. BTW, what is an 'etsy' shop?

Alana said...

An Etsy shop is an online shop for home crafters where you can get an account and sell things. www.etsy.com