Next Good Habit: Walking

I've decided to challenge myself. My challenge is to walk for an hour each day, six days a week. Maybe seven. Yes, it's a steep challenge, and instead of building up gradually, I've decided to just take the plunge and do it.

Today was day two. Day one left me sore in my tendons, but not in my muscles. Today felt better, actually. My teenagers are walking with me, at least when they feel like it.

I bet walking an hour a day will help me to sleep better. I bet it will help other sedentary-lifestyle-related fitness ills that plague me. Walking gets challenging when I"m in the middle of a fibro flare. I hope to just slow down my pace and keep on trudging, though. I've forced myself to exercise through flare ups before. It is to my good when I do.

I'm not expecting to lose weight. Nor am I "dieting" other than the normal attempt at healthy eating when I'm hungry routine. I'm just walking. That's my next new good habit.

I'm still off the coffee. Mostly off the artificial sweeteners. (I say mostly because while I was sick I had some diet seven up.) And sugar has been relegated to "out of the house special occasion" type of status.

Now it's time to fill up my water bottle and head out to run some errands: A hair cut (!!!!) and grocery store trips. Got a chicken thawing for dinner. I'm thinking of making it into African cinnamon chicken...with whole wheat cous cous. YUM.


elizabeth said…
walking is great! I am lucky and walk to church and the grocery store...

of course if you are just starting don't over do it and then stop all together because it was too much... been there done that...

love to you!
Blessed Rain said…
The food sounds yummy and I am excited for your new goals!

I have missed walking the past few months and am having a hard time getting back into the habit - mostly walking up the long slow hill to my home is hurting like hell!
Mimi said…
Good for you! I need to follow your example.
Anonymous said…
I have trouble getting motivated after a fibro flare, too. You inspired me to get out and walk today - thank you!

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