Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take it to the Lord in Prayer

Yesterday, in the midst of all my grumpiness about not one but TWO root canals, I kept having the thought that this is going to be another way that God shows his provision to our family. And a certain peace did prevail. Really. I know it did not come through very much in what I wrote here, but it did nonetheless.

I didn't cry or get upset for one thing. That's progress, folks. I did ask God to provide for us, so that I can get this dental work done. The tech/nurse on the endodontist team told me that having infection in my mouth can cause my whole system to feel run down. No lie, really? I think my body already knew that. So this isn't just something to ignore. Ultimately it would end in an abcess if I don't.

Why is it that the place where the rubber meets the road, in our faith-journey as a family always about our health, and the expenses that our ill-health incurs? Well, I guess it prevents us from being smug.

"Lord, please have mercy on this day and please provide a way for me to get this dental work done. Help me to love and serve you better always. Amen."


thegeekywife said...

I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. It amazes me how high medical costs can get.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps part of the provision?

St. Nicholas and Christmas said...

Oh my... you would have a right to complain if you wanted to do so! Root canals are not fun; but oh, thank God that we live in the age when they can be performed! I think a lot about the 2nd and 3rd centuries (writing about Nicholas of Myra does that!) and people then didn't even have the option! But, they certainly did get by in that like you they took "it to the Lord in Prayer!"
Hope you are feeling very well soon!