Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beyond Grumpeh

So, you know the Carecredit, or whatever it is, that NO ONE gets turned down for? Yeah, well, I got turned down. So I had to make a decision and so I made one. Mega big payments each month for the next few months...for the root canal.

And...drumroll....I need a second root canal. Which will also mean a second crown.

Cha ching!

No, we don't have the money. At all. And we have bad credit-something having to do with becoming apartment dwellers instead of home owners...you do the math. I guess this is our chance to start establishing good credit again.

We tallied it all up and it's coming to $3300 dollars. That's the part our dental insurance won't cover.

I could weep, but why bother? It's just money.

The thing I keep thinking is that I could go on a European tour for this amount of money. I could visit Switzerand for this amount of money. But instead, I get to go into debt to get these infected teeth fixed.

And why, you ask, ARE they infected? I floss. I brush. I use a water pick. Yes indeed. But I also grind and gnash my teeth. At night. When I can't stop myself. And I am also constantly catching myself clenching my teeth during the day...clench/suck, clench/suck... In many many place my enamel is worn down and I can also see a crack on a front tooth, not involved in these issues.

Methinks it's stress related. My blood pressure is just fine, but my teeth-not so much.

And now that I'm no longer numb up to my eyeballs (literally), I am sore. And since I am sore, I am pitiful. And grumpy. I'm trying hard not to grind my teeth about it.


On another note...cake class was fun tonight, but I'm sort of getting sick of all the cake and frosting in my life. I SO want to take the fondant and gum paste class, and next month there's a sale on so the class is half price, but I really don't know if I want to be swimming in sugar for another four weeks.

I'll try not to grind my teeth over it, though.


Blessed Rain said...

Check out the link - seriously cheap and good (I know we have them) night teeth guards. Sorry that you have such a stress financial time. Hope things look up soon!


Alana said...

Thanks for the link!