I'm sort of hoping to go to the Jane Austen Festival next weekend. It's going to be at Locust Grove, here in Louisville.

I will be out of my depth.

Dreams of going in full Regency costume fill my head, with Regency Wes at my side, of course. But that will have to wait until a year from now.

For this year, I will go as a gawker, I guess. Next year, I hope to be a member of the Jane Austen group (can't remember what it's called exactly) that puts on the festival, with all attendant joys and duties.

So, today I found a hat at the thrift store that I can remake into a bonnet. Alas, it is not authentic straw, but at least it has the "look" and I can practice/play around with it.

I also picked up some old sheets that will serve either as practice dresses, or muslins, or some-such. And a piece of satiny stuff (a curtain) that I can envision as a Spencer.

Knowing of course that none of this stuff is period correct. I guess I need to start collecting patterns and reading blogs, etc. And getting serious about this stuff. It can be done.

Here's a nice blog I just discovered, thanks to a good friend sending me the link: Living With Jane. Check it out if you are into Regency Costuming or sewing, or stuff like that.


Mimi said…
That sounds wonderful!

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