Friday, July 02, 2010

The Raisin

by my daughter, Bethany Sheldahl, age 16

Once upon a midnight thunder, while I pondered full of hunger,
Of the many things forgotten at the store,
While I nodded, dearly wishing, suddenly there came a swishing,
As of someone gently squishing, squishing at my chamber door.
'Tis some visitor', I muttered, squishing at my chamber door.
Only this, and nothing more.

Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December
Where there was no grape to have - no more
And no apricots, no plums (unless you count the dried-up ones
Which never do make me say 'yum'), Ah, no fruit; only raisins

You may be wondering why I say a raisin is not a fruit
This is why: because it looks like something
That was scraped off a boot - very disgusting
Not a food which I was lusting
But there was no such time for wishing
While there was a squishing, squishing at my chamber door
Nameless sound, forever more

But, as I was dearly wishing
Still persisted the sound squishing
Louder, louder the sound grew
Until through the window flew
A stately box of sun-dried grapes
Coming through my curtain drapes
"Grapes?" I wished aloud - and heard an echo
"Grapes," the squishing sound replied
Squishing past my curtain drapes

Not wanting to be rude, I asked
"Raisins, why have you the task
Of coming here to me?"
Alas, no reply, though I could make out the printed words "Eat Me!"
"Eat you? Why, that is preposterous!" I tried to reason
But it was the raisins' season
So to be polite I choked one down
But instantly appeared a mound
"What do you torment me for?'
Quoth the raisin, "Have some more!"

"I will not!" I answered, with resent
But the raisin was persistent
And sadly, I said nothing more
Quoth the raisin, "Have some more!"

Was this to be a waking nightmare?
For many a time, in my dreams
Squishy raisins muffled screams
"Be you real or fright of darkness?"
This I asked in uttermost starkness
But the raisin said no more

Now surely this was much too scary
To be real, I reasoned fairly
As I pinched myself and tried to sleep it off
When I was awakened by a choking cough
Raisins, raisins, all around me
Multiplying, they surround me
And I hear a squishing cackle
From the raisin - "Have some more!"

Now the raisins never leave me
Day and night did they bereave me
Day and night forevermore
Always screeching "Have some more!"


Bohemimom said...

This is brilliant! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love Bethany and really appreciate all her creativity. bjm

Mimi said...


maria said...

THIS IS AMAZING!! Hug her for me!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome!!! Jazz

Victoria said...

Squeeeee! Fab! Congratulations to Bethany, AND her teacher!

gemma said...

What a fabulous job she did. Edgarette Alana Poetess. Well. You know what I mean. She is so talented.

Tabitha said...

...and this year's SunMaid Award goes to...
Bethany Sheldahl!!