Unexpected Overnight

Isn't it just so great to drink water after a sweaty workout in the summer-time? I think so. Well, that's just what popped into my head as I sat down here, since I'm using my post-workout cool down to blog a little bit.

We sure had an unexpected grand adventure yesterday! On the spur of the moment I called up some good friends of ours to see if they were doing anything for Memorial day. Since they were sitting around just like we were, and all parties were amenable, we decided to go for a visit. The kids were thrilled. Several BFFs involved in this situation (at least on the part of my kids). So off we went, food in tow for the hour plus drive back to Lex.

Just outside of Lexington, one of our tires blew out. Not just a flat. Like a flat on steroids. Thanks be to God! Wes never did lose control of the car, and we pulled over and got off the interstate, called our friends to pick us up while Wes waited for AAA. Blah blah blah, long story short we had to have the car taken to the shop because the tow guy thought the rim was bent. And the shop was closed until today. So we had to spend the night in Lexington and our friends got to see way more of us than anticipated. And we spent way more money this weekend than we'd planned to.

If we'd have been 25 miles further away and actually hit another car due to our blow-out, AAA would have paid for our hotel. Oh well. If our safety means we pay an unexpected couple of hundred bucks, so be it.

We slept in our clothes. Such fun! Home again now, though. And it was so nice to visit with our friends.

I'm "haven't washed since yesterday morning and I just worked out stinky." I need a shower!


elizabeth said…
all in all sounds pretty fun! Happy you got to spend time with good friends! Yay for an adventure!!

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