Is it July Already?????

Well, the wedding dress is DONE, so now I can turn my attention to the rest of my summer: reading, relaxing by the pool and vegging out. Right? Ha!

Actually, I have a few goals I want to accomplish before summer is over and I do want to get an early start on next school year. August is miserably hot and it's an excellent time to enjoy the indoors and start our studies.

So...I'm going to get all grading from last year done, and filed away next week.

After that, we are going to deep clean and declutter our wee apartment from top to bottom. I want all the kids here to help with that.

Then I need to plan the next school year and get organized for that. There's been so much boredom and too much time spent on the computer on the parts of the kids this summer that I'm SERIOUSLY thinking of going with a four day school week and a year-round system for next year. Need to sit down with a calendar and plan out my options and make a decision on that score.

Thoughts on four days/ week year round versus a more "traditional" schedule? I'd love to hear what's worked for other home schoolers out there.

So, that's the work part of the summer coming up.

I also plan on playing a bit: there's a Jane Austen Festival coming up on July 10th that I may or may not go to, but I'd like to go to. AND Wes and I plan on doing more of that super fun contra dancing we did last Monday night.

Good times.


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