I Want to Pimp My Car!

So, one of the things we have realized, since the van is broken down, is that Wes' commute back and forth to work is much much much less driving than my errands and doctor's appointments and taking kids places like the nature center or the zoo. And the van guzzles more gas than the Nissan.

So, logically, I should be driving the Nissan (the kids and I, we all fit) and Wes should drive the van to and from work. Also, logically, we should resist the urge to replace the Nissan because it has a fairly new engine in it and it runs just fine. What it really needs is a new muffler. Mufflers are cheaper than cars.

So, now I'll be most likely driving a long-since-paid-for beater with over two hundred thousand miles on it.

And what I've always said I wanted to do, if I ever was driving a car like that is to paint it up all CRAYZEE, like. Flowers all over it, or perhaps make it an autism awareness car, with puzzle pieces all over it. Or I could get super duper epoxy glue and create a crazy mosaic. Or I could do all of the above.

Wouldn't that be FUN?????? I should get some of my artistic friends to help me with this fun-sounding project.

Yes, I want to be that crazy lady who drives a crazy pimped out artsy fartsy beater car.


Tabitha said…
Years ago, the local library had an art day where the kids all painted an old car. Turns out the lady who did storytime bought it. My kids loved knowing when their favourite library lady was nearby. I've seen a variety of takes on the art form. Can't wait to see what you come up with!
wendylf said…
Sounds like a hoot! Be sure and post a picture! :)

We can relate with driving an old car, we've got an '87 toyota minivan. Lately I've been getting interesting reactions to it. We've been approached 3 times to buy it! (I think we should have taken the first one and run!) I overheard a little girl ask her mom, "What is it?" mom replied, "A minivan." (Honestly it does look like a minivan!) That brought a smile to my face!

Be prepared for some funny reactions!
thegeekywife said…
go for it! What fun!

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