I should write SOMETHING, I suppose

It is one of those weeks when I'm up to my neck in this and that. Is it only Wednesday? Feels like it should be Friday or something closer to it than merely Wednesday.

Wedding dress that I'm sewing is progressing nicely. There it hangs, waiting for the back zipper and a few final touches like hemming it, adding decorative buttons to the back and some hand sewing on the inside lining...but these things await another fitting with bridegirl. She will look so pretty! I can't wait to take pictures of the dress when I'm done.

We have car trouble! How, I ask, do we deal with car trouble without a credit card???? Yes, it's possible, but it takes patience, I guess. My mini van won't start and we think its the starter, which could cost a pretty penny or two. And we just spent all our saved up car money on the tire blowout a couple of weeks ago and our savings has not recuperated yet. How fun.

Thankfully, Wes' old beater Nissan is still drivable, and we live close enough to Church that we can make two trips to ferry us there and back again. Everywhere else, well, I guess we stay home unless there are just 5 of us going instead of all six of us. So, I've been taking Wes to work and picking him up in the afternoons. It's nice to have a few extra minutes with him, to chat about life the universe and everything. Trying to see the positives here. So we'll keep doing that until we save up enough to get our van fixed. THAT is how one deals with car trouble without a credit card. That old Nissan is a pride-bustin' rust bucket, though. Hope it holds together.

What else is going on? Oh yes, it's getting kids packed for camp week. This means I have to inventory and write their names on all their clothes. Fuuuun. Most of their clothes are still labeled from last year, so it shouldn't be too hard a job to get done. Today's task was to print off packing lists and make a shopping list of things like sun screen and flashlight batteries that no camper can be without.

For some reason I'm tired today. Oh yes, now I remember: I stayed out really late and then stayed up even later when I came home. Girl's night out w/ a girlfriend and a nice wine bar/coffee shop place. Way too fun. Ought to do that more often.

I'm currently reading a book entitled God Alone is Enough: A Spirited Journey with St. Theresa of Avila by Claudia Mair Burney. I'll be participating in some sort of blog thing with this book, reviewing chapter five on Sunday June 20. I'd better read it fast. It was just in my mailbox yesterday evening! St. Teresa of Avila, of course, is somewhat outside of my comfort zone and familiarity, being a Roman Catholic saint of the Reformation era. But review chapter five I shall, so stay tuned for that!

I'm getting really dark this summer. Perhaps it comes from taking the kids to the pool which is 50 yards or so from our door. Fun times. My hands have freckles on them, on top of the tan. I noticed them yesterday and told Wes that I guess I can call them freckles, but if they remain after my tan fades, they'll be age spots. Ha ha.

So, I hope everyone is having as enjoyable summer as I am. I hope people can be serene, even when crappy stuff happens like cars not starting. I don't particularly feel stressed about that buggaboo, but my back is hurting, so I'm thinking I am stressed and my back is telling me so.

I think one of the biggest challenges for me is keeping up my prayer rule during the summer.


elizabeth said…
sorry to hear of the car trouble! hang in there!
gemma said…
Thow "age spots"? My dermatologist is Asian and he calls them marks of wisdom. Has a nicer ring to it right? Sorry about the car. It's always something isn't it?
gemma said…
Typing is not my strong suit. Thow should have been Those....

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