Queen Quasimodo

So, I was putting on my sneakers today to go to the gym for a workout. I was sitting on the floor to do this ordinary thing. Then I tried to stand up. And I could not. My back is out.

Sitting, since it angles my legs and hips forward, I could do. Kneeling even was OK, but as soon as I tried to stand up...I literally can't do it. The pain just doubles me right over. And I'm pretty tough.

I immediately had B annoint my back with some holy oil. I also had M give me a back rub.

My chiropractor is out of town until Tuesday.

So I either have to crawl to the bathroom, or walk bent double. Like Quasimodo. The kids laugh at me. Well, my son does.

So, B was helpful and fetched me rag, towel and ran some bath water. I crawled to the bathroom, crawled into the tub. Crawled out again. Somehow managed to dry off and get dressed in pj type clothes and crawled to the living room.

Then I ensconced myself in my best chair with my legs elevated and my back in a neutral position.

My kids did school work. My kids got their own lunches. (I did quasimodo [that's a verb because I said so] my way into the kitchen to make a grilled cheese sandwich at some point). My youngest made yet more cookies-as big as one's fist. I ate some. I figured it would be good for my back. I do need to teach her how to make smaller cookies, though.

I watched movies on netflix while kids skittered around doing schoolwork, and baking, and cleaning the kitchen and running the vacuum.

One realizes how dirty the floors are when one is forced to crawl. Eating dust. With Eric laughing at my lack of dignity.

That's OK, you know. I really don't need dignity today. I've had fun.

O Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on this sinner. Help me to move better tomorrow. Or if not, he he, Thy will be done. Vacation, even of the chaircation variety, is nice-movies, cookies, and servants-who could ask for anything more?


Tabitha said…
May God bless you this weekend-either with a healed back or with the continued support of your children or both!
Hezra said…
glad to see it hasn't put a dent in your humor. poor thing. I have tried for sore back bath cider binegar in the bath water, hot as you can stand 1 cup of the vinegar. Then you stay until it is too cool for you. It reallly helped me. I have heard others have used it with good results too.
Alana said…
Ooooo, I just might try that. Won't hurt, at any rate.
Laura said…
Maybe your youngest can use a cookie scoop thingie for the cookies...

Hope you feel better!
Anonymous said…
Praying with you for all good outcomes with this!
T. said…
Oh no! Feel better!!
elizabeth said…
Lord have mercy. Hope you feel better soon. !
Anonymous said…
One time when I was over-tired from working extra shifts for on-feet work and driving hundreds of miles to these various jobs, in an effort to cram a bit of vacation into the time between jobs--I went to pick up my sister's suitcase at the airport and 'pulled something'. I found I couldn't any position to sleep until I carefully placed my body into a restful position, and the only way to accomplish the position was to wear a very confining garment or use pillows to wedge my body into that position. Shall I mention that after the trip to Urgent Care to assure myself I would recover, that I took up swimming after that to gently improve the strength in the supporting muscles, and pulled no more 100 hour work-weeks?
Mimi said…
Ouch. Prayers

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