Running thru my Head Today


Xenia Kathryn said…
Not a bad song to have stuck in your head :D Just beautiful!

I love your new profile pic too, you look great!
Veiled Glory said…
Love that song!
Anonymous said…
Nicely done!
Anonymous said…
Never in my wildest imagination when I started reading your blog some time ago as a link on other Catholic blogs that I would be asking your advice about a teen-ager with a 'nervous breakdown' rule-out schizo-affective disorder two weeks ago. The stresses finally got to him and he went to hospital from crisis center on campus. 1.) How long do the effects of walking about like a zombie last before getting used to Abilify? 2.) It's still too early for the paranoia to resolve, but it hadn't really been noticed even in the preceding week, so how does one help a family member in the 'resting' stage, and 3.) how do we tell when it starts to get better? The health care professionals we encounter refuse to discuss anything without permission because he's older than 18, but he's too sick right now to ask the questions himself. Thank you very much. Please refer to reliable reference on the internet if you wish. NAMI meetings are offered locally, but we (husband and I) are too overwhelmed right now to do anything but cry when we discuss it with other people.
Alana said…
Dear Anonymous,

I wish I knew what to tell you. The only person I"m an "expert" on is my own dd and for her, her psych break as so severe, that we were able to see progress as soon as meds started: she could feed herself again, albeit with the skills of a much younger child.

How long, you ask, before the paranoid symptoms or the zoned out stuff resolves? I don't know. I'm still waiting to see that fully happen.

I tend to look at it in terms of "how functional is she for her day-to-day tasks/responsibilities? Is she able to get her school work done with guidance? etc. (She's taking only a partial load of home school courses. This illness really does affect everything.)

But even after more than two years we still struggle w/ intrusive thoughts, paranoid thinking, depression, being zoned out, wild mood swings, etc.

How she's doing fluctuates and we've cycled through lots of different meds. I pray that your son won't be medication resistant and that he will do really well. Many do.

Cry all you need to. Hang on to your spouse and do things to intentionally nurture your marriage. Having a mentally ill child (Or adult "child") changes everything you hoped for and dreamed of in life, and grief is normal and in order.

Sending you my love. If you need to e-mail me privately, my e-mail is alanasheldahl at gmail dot com.
Anonymous said…

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