One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days that is simply lived inside your head? Where you are daydreaming so hard you can hardly get anything real done? I am having such a day today. Lots to think and dream about, and lots to do that I'm currently not doing, or that I could be doing. Both in the immediate future (as in, today) and in the grand scheme of things.

I don't want to lose my life in the immediacy of the necessities of life. Really, I don't. I need to learn to dream.

Impossible dreams? I'm possible dreams? Best to keep them to myself, doncha think? Otherwise they might dissipate in a cloud of foolishness.

There I go again, calling myself foolish. Why do I always do that?

At any rate, life's too short not to eat cake for breakfast, I've decided. I did that today. I think I'll go make some fudge, fold some towels and file the edge of my bobbin casing to see if a homegrown fix will do until my new sewing machine arrives. Love the fact that I can eat fudge and cake and still lose weight. It's like having my cake and eating it too.

And while I make fudge, I'll think and dream. And clean up the kitchen while I'm at it.


BelleArtMom said…
We had *almost* vegan Chocolate chip cookies for lunch. Used a Whole Foods recipe that uses walnuts/canola oil ground up in a food processor instead of eggs/butter. But we used regular chocolate chips, not vegan chips. The recipe also uses oat flour and oatmeal (2 cups).
deb said…
I don't suppose you meant to link the "losing weight while eating cake and fudge" part to the "impossible dream" part, but if anything sounds like an impossible dream, that does. Good luck! (This may sound sarcastic. I don't mean it that way.)
Alana said…
LOL....sugar free cake made with low carb high fiber coconut flour.

And sugar free fudge. All strictly legal on my diet.

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