Not Feeling Well

My back hurts today.

I've also been contemplating and wondering lately why I'm feeling so intellectually inastute. Almost like I've gotten duller, stupider, over the years. I certainly feel like I have less to say. I truly believe that my voice and opinion on things don't really matter in the grand scheme of the universe beyond how I show love to the people in my immediate vicinity.

Anything else, and I'm just a loud banging gong or some other noise maker. The world is noisy enough already.

Hope this day finds you all blessed, lovies. Jesus is risen from the dead. A painful back will also be swallowed up in His victory one day, so I really have nothing to complain about. ...especially since the wind chimes and breeze are so very very lovely.


elizabeth said…
I think realizing our smallness in the scope of things is good, but so is realizing that God uses the small and the weak!

Hope your back feels better soon - it is hard to have back pain - very tiring from what I understand.

Christ is Risen!

Love back to you!
mamajuliana said…
I hope your back feels better soon. I know how you feel about the 'feel like you have less to say.'

I often feel like I want to 'shout' to the world too much. I don't know if it is 'a matter in the grand scheme' type of thing for me as mush as using my world shouting as an excuse to avoid those around me and their needs. I guess I am selfish..

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