OK, Enough About Obamacare, already!

I'm just sick of it, aren't you?

And ironically enough, we've been getting a royal run around from both this year's and last year's health insurance companies this week. Wes has borne the brunt of this with phone calls and sitting on hold for an hour before his phone died the other day.

The sun is shining, kids are happy and every evening this week I've had choir practice. Therefore, I'm skipping Church tonight. And then I'll take us all there tomorrow for the feast of the annunciation.

Guys, it's PASCHA in a week and a half!!!! I need to collect my supplies and do some baking: Going to make gluten free and regular kulich. Going to make a cheese spread. Need to decide what else to put in our pascha basket. Need to take Maia shoe shopping. And of course plan for food, etc.

On Sunday we are planning to drive to St. Athanasius for the pascha pic nic, if we are still welcome.

It was a good day for a trip to the zoo yesterday. Every day has so much to do. Full to the max.

Are we all enjoying SPRING???? I sure am. Ahhhh, sunlight!


elizabeth said…
sunny here too; so nice.
Mimi said…
It is so sunny and warm, I hope it holds for Pascha!
I'm glad you are going to visit for the picnic on Pascha! Enjoy!
RL said…
Would you share your gluten-free receipe with me?
Tabitha said…
Everyone here is feeling the rising excitement of Pascha and, of course, Spring. Busy is definitely the word for it. Extra-curricular activities are in full swing, school field trips are increasing, everyone is trying to schedule something! DH is out of school for two weeks, yay!! Kids will be out of school for Holy Week, I mean Spring Break! ;-) DH is also taking time off for Holy Week so we are looking forward to lots of family and church times. YAY!! Of course you guys are still welcome at the picnic! What kind of comment is that?? :-) It's the perfect time for scattered "family" to gather. See you soon.

P.S. We are hoping to do a couple of family outings during the first half of Holy Week. If our wanders take us near Louisville, I'll be sure to give you a heads up.
thegeekywife said…
Thank the Lord winter is gone! I'm also really looking forward to Holy Week.

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