Wednesday, March 03, 2010

For Today

Outside my window...gray skies, muddy old grass and a rocking chair on our patio.
I am thinking...that I am coming down with a cold. Already today my patience has been tried and I need to slow my thoughts down and be grace-filled.
I am thankful in the morning.
From the learning I'll need to look over what kids have done in history so far this week, and keep working with A to do some catch-up. Always there is grammar to review and I'm helping E get ready for an English test. We all loath pronouns, indirect objects, objects of the preposition and the like.
From the kitchen...Wha? I have to cook? AGAIN????? We finished off the "bowl of boredom" soup yesterday, thanks be! What on earth shall I make today? I have no idea.
I am wearing...right now...a night gown a robe. Later, I must wear something both lovely and comfortable, otherwise the day will get much worse than it already is.
I am creating...a child sized top-down cable cardigan in a rich heathered purple wool. And I have the sewing yen these days. Fabric waiting to be cut for a dress.
I am the chiropractor today. My back has been hurting for about two weeks, but I can only afford to go once a month. Australian Dream Arthritis cream REALLY works to get rid of pain.
I am reading...well, last night I finished The Cobra Event by Richard Preston. I need to read something spiritually edifying next, so I guess it's going to be the biography of St. Nektarios.
I am hoping...that I can be both productive and relaxed today. I'm not very good at finding the balance.
I am children talking, cars rushing by outside (it's white noise, like ocean waves or something...why don't they make "Soothing Sounds of the City" CDs?)
Around the house...morning stuff. A slow start today. Always dishes and laundry.
One of my favorite things...liturgy of the pre-sanctified gifts on Wednesday nights during Lent.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Helping to organize the food pantry tomorrow afternoon, getting the house tidy today and running out to the library.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...
A basket full of hand knitted bears that B made and donated to charity. She's always doing that sort of thing. So special.And here's a link back to The Simple Woman's Daybook.


elizabeth said...

what beautiful bears! sounds like a pretty good beginning of this day! hope your back feels better soon...

Anonymous said...

"why don't they make "Soothing Sounds of the City" CDs?"

So true! I totally agree.

L (a lurker and silent reader)

Veiled Glory said...

I should send you some errant skeins of yarn from our basement cache. They would make lovely bears or other charity projects.

Mimi said...

B has wonderful hands to make those bears! What a gift!

And, hugs to you. I feel that way about cooking/cleaning/laundry/dishes :)

thegeekywife said...

I love those bears!

Also, just finished reading your posts about B. Will continue praying!

Xenia Kathryn said...

Your B is as talented as she is caring and charitable! How inspring :)

Has said...

Beautiful bears! They look just like the "trauma teddies" that paramedics give to children in Australia.