Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's the Day!

We have an appointment at 3 pm for B at Bingham Clinic. Any and all prayers are appreciated:

-that God would grant a good rapport between us and the doctor(s)
-that there would be help for Bethany
-effective medications
-that a better/more complete diagnosis could be had, of all she has going on
-that the mystery of her involuntary movements would be solved
-So that she can lead a calm and peaceful life
-that our insurance will approve of these expenses (like they said they would) and pay their part
-that God would have mercy on us. I'm all worn out. We all are. We need some strength.

Or, in lieu of all this, complete and miraculous healing. That would be good, too. God's will be done.


Victoria said...

Aiee! Holding my breath! Please report back soonest....

elizabeth said...

Lord have mercy!!! My prayers and let us know!

Michelle M. said...

Just read your posts! How incredible. Praying for B today!