Friday, February 26, 2010

Thanks, God!

Since B's appointment on Monday, and her subsequent change in medication, we've all had a bit of a reprieve this week. B is feeling better and it's so nice to see her working on school work or crafts peacefully, rather than being in mental hell all the time. Thanks, God!

I find myself drifting off into nap land each afternoon for a wee bit. That's how the soup got burned on Wednesday, but I figure it also means I'm a bit more relaxed (and obviously chronically over-tired). The fact that my body is "letting go" a bit this week is something I'm grateful for. Thanks, God!

I finally (after living here for more than a year) found a curtain-rod solution for the 79 inch wide living room vertical blinds fixture. We live on the ground floor with no privacy fence around our very small patio. The good thing about this is that ample sunlight can come in through our big sliding glass doors. The bad news is, if we want to avail ourselves of said sunlight, we have to sacrifice our privacy by opening the vertical blinds. Not anymore! With sheer curtains (which I of course saved from before we moved) hung, sunlight comes in, but our neighbors can't see in during the day. Yay for pretty curtains! Thanks, God!

It's Friday. I'm glad. I'm glad for fun brainless books to read, and I'm glad to be able to drive to pick up our raw milk from the lovely farmer who has cows that only eat grass. I'm glad the sun is shining and I'm glad that the high today is warmer than the high yesterday. I'm glad for cauliflower cram of mushroom clam chowder, and that my low carb coffee cake turned out so nice. Thanks, God!

I'm glad I was able to call the doctor and the pharmacy and figure out how to save about a hundred dollars off my daughter's medicine. Thanks, God!

I'm glad we got to have dinner with an old friend from out of town last night and I'm glad we discovered a fabulous little locally owned Mexican restaurant that serves very good shrimp fajitas. Thanks, God!

I'm glad for cozy conversations over delicious tea with precious friends, I'm glad for knitting and I'm glad for my family. Thanks, God!

I'm glad for my health and energy. Thanks, God!

I'm glad that I've lost some weight. Thanks, God!

I'm glad the kids are quiet right now. Thanks, God!


elizabeth said...

indeed! Thank God! Glad to hear of these things. Thanksgiving alone helps a lot... I need to be thankful too...

Mimi said...

Thanks be to God indeed.

Michelle M. said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for! I hope this continues. Prayers for you all.

Victoria said...

Excellent news! I'm so glad it's a good day for everyone.

It's pouring down rain here, which is also something to be glad about in the desert. And my sister is out to sea, which means that she is not in danger of the tsunami that might hit Hawaii in a few hours -- glad about that, although still concerned about everyone who's not on a boat!

Tabitha said...

Alana, thank you so much for your blog. You mean so much to me and encourage me in my own journey with every post!

My own give thanks to God today includes thanksgiving for Medicaid who is paying for my daughter's new braces. Thank you Lord that she will someday soon be able to not hit the roof of her mouth with her bottom teeth!

Also, thank you Lord for school funds to keep us going while DH is recuperating (again). Please pray for us that we can figure out why he is getting bronchitis every 4 to 6 weeks!

So glad to hear that Fr. A. is mending well. You, your parish and your priest are all well loved here.

T. said...

Great post!!