Litle Nice Things

Well, after talking it over with Wes I did go out and buy that perfect fabric after all. Due to some smart arrangement of pattern pieces on the cloth (and yes, I did pre-shrink it in the washer and dryer), I was able to cut out both a dress and a blouse. Yay me! The blouse might not be for me. If it doesn't fit (I had a trim a few inches off to to running out of cloth) it might become a blog giveaway item. Maybe. Perhaps.

So, that was nice.

It's snowing like crazy today and it's all beautiful today when I look out the window.

Another good thing.

My kids are chatting pleasantly over breakfast and B is being industrious and helpful in the kitchen. (M to E: "I'm undefeated in both Pokemon and Chaotic." E to M: "That's because YOU'VE NEVER PLAYED." M's response: "I intend to keep it that way." Clever.

I get to take B to see a NEW DOCTOR this morning. Hopefully this will be an answer to prayer.

Last night I slept really well. Went to bed early around ten-thirty, even. What IS this world coming to?

The snow is still gorgeous outside and coming down fast in bigger flakes now.

Laptops give off heat--nice in the winter, isn't it?

I've been really blessed with good friends since I've moved to Louisville and I'm so grateful for each one.


GrandmaToots said…
Trust and yours are the blessings to all of us. Be careful out there today in the snow. My prayers are with you for the Dr's visit.
Victoria said…

Sounds like a nice day in L'Ville!

Maybe Lent is not the time to tell you about a book I found that you would enjoy, but before I forget -- "Cassandra and Jane," by Jill Pitkeathley. It is about Miss Austen and Miss Jane Austen, and is most diverting. It is based on the Miss Austens' letters to one another.
amy said…
ha! got a chuckle from your comment about laptops giving off heat ...=-) it's one of my excuses for reading/writing so much in winter...

So glad to hear you've found a new doctor!

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