Fabulous Blog Find!

Today I was poking around...and came across this web site: http://www.germanorthodoxchurch.org/

This is the second time in one week that I've had the chance to encouner German Orthodoxy. A couple of friends of mine each are from Germany (one originally from Russia and one originally from Ethiopia)...and so we gather sometimes and slip back and forth between German and English.

My friend has an Orthodox prayer book that is in German, and when we prayed together in that language, it really really blessed my heart. Although I grew up in an American speaking home, and of course my parents taught me the Bible in English, my first experience of Sunday School and "churchliness" as in the German language. I think even perhaps the first Bible verse I at least recall intentionally memorizing (other than the first few verses of Genesis) was in German: Isaiah 53:5.

So, this thrills me.


Mimi said…
That's awesome!
elizabeth said…
so glad to hear!
Justin said…
I would love to find a prayer book in German! How cool.

the domain name "germanorthodoxchurch.org" once belonged to a racist website. It was highly offensive to see the term "Orthodox Church" used to promote an invented aryan pseudo-religion. i'm glad the opportunity arose to change the situation

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