You'll Get Better Results if You Try

January 1st, 2010. Hope returns, after a bit of end of 2009 despair had set in the day before.

In which I realized that the Nourishing Traditions police were NOT going to come and arrest me if I bought sandwich meat and ate the occasional ham sandwich at lunch. yum.

In which I started reorganizing my so-called "Home Management Binder" (aka Big Book of Chaos and Disorder, aka Big Book of any two words that pop into my head that start with a C and a D such as Crime and Development, or Croutons and Dills, or Chaos and Despair aka merely "The Book").

I always have big dreams about being more organized and staying on top of the domestic scene better. And although I'm constantly falling off the wagon, each effort in that direction yields a bit of personal growth, too, so that the new normal is a wee tiny molecular bit better than the "old normal". I figure a new year is as good a time as any to put forth a bit of extra effort in my home keeping. Boring, but it has to be done. Or not. But better results if you try.

Same priniciple applies to the whole calorie counting and exercising endeavor. January 1 is a great day for making lists, writing out goals, hoping to lose five pounds a month. Wouldn't that be nice? Again: Better results if you try than if you don't try. So, try I will.

Tomorrow perhaps I'll do a bit more in my big book of curmudgeonliness and drama...perhaps come up with a chore list, or even do some MENU PLANNING! Oh, the shock!

Oh, and I also resolved to read through the Bible. This is one I've been resolving and miserably failing at for years. I got burnt out back in seminary...yeah. So I'm going to do it backwards this year. Instead of starting with Genesis and Matthew, I'm starting with Daniel and Revelation. Daniel is the last beek of the OT in the Orthodox Study Bible. Things are arranged for according to the LXX AND there's the extra books that someone decided didn't belong in the NIV...I'll enjoy reading those, too. I calculate I need to cover 4.7 pages a day to read the Orthodox Bible in a year.

I think it's my new motto: You'll get better results if you try. Happy New Year, dear blog readers. I love you all.


Irina said…
i wish you tons of luck with your plans, Alana! and may God give you everything you need to fulfill those goals ;).

the truth is i have some weight problems also.but this is caused by my self-indulgence, so what i need is some self-discipline, but if God dosen`t help me, i don`t have the power to be more strict by myself.

there is no problem you don`t know Romanian language :P, i`ll try to put on my blog a translator widget, i don`t know if it will work, but i`ll give it a try.

God bless!

mamajuliana said…
Just wanted to stop back this morning and say Happy Feast Day to you!
Rin said…
Hi, I think this might be the first time I've commented here and I just wanted to wish you good luck and a happy new year!

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