I"m Tired of Being Sick!

The coughing is getting better, and at least when I do cough it is productive (oh, so yummy!). But the lack of enenrgy is astounding. I slept until 12:15 pm today and was surprised when I woke up to sunshine streaming through the crack in my homemade "blackout shade" (quilt hung over window).

I shuffled to the kitchen, heated up some chili, and made decaf coffee. Yeah, that is the good thing I did: used being sick and miserable anyways to get off caffeine (AGAIN!). The headache is finally gone.

But beyond sitting here like a lump and contemplating crawling back into bed, I have no energy. I wish I did.

I don't mean to complain...really. I just wish I had the energy to bustle about and be a bit domestic, tidy things up, fold some laundry, clean the kitchen, cook something nice.

Today is Wes' birthday. I suppose I will have to find the energy at some point to make something nice and egads, is it already 4:10???? Sooner than I thought I'd have to, I guess. I am in a total time fog and it's just slipping out from under me this day.

I need a nap.


elizabeth said…
Hugs to you. It is so hard to feel that sick!

Many years to Wes.

Hope you feel better soon.

My small prayers.
Mimi said…
Happy Birthday to Wes! Many Years

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