Six days in...

I saw this wool at Hobby Lobby, and it has ALL the colors of the trees right now. I had to knit it into a slouchy hat and cowl set. So here it is.

I have to say, folks, that I am STILL loving this brown dress project. It is so easy and I feel like myself in a positive way. The feeling like myself part is HUGE because that's something that I struggle with: often feeling like my clothes are a costume, or that I'm cramming myself into a mold that I don't fit in...into which I do not fit. Or that I am somehow "faking it". Whatever.

So, I'm enjoying not having to think of what to wear.

I'm enjoying the comfort and the simplicity of dressing this way. One advantage is that I can't really go wrong with mismatching clothes.

Perhaps all those years of saying "I wish I had a uniform" weren't me being silly at all, but rather me in those moments being in touch with that elusive myself on a very fundamental level.

So what, if it's counter-cultural? It's one less layer of things to worry about, and one less thing holding me to this earth. Really. That's what I'm experiencing. I find my thoughts turning much more to God-things this week. Sort of what I experience when I am wearing a head-covering for prayers.


Amy said…
So exciting! I'm toying with some kind of uniform plan myself. Sort of like menu planning. Right now we always have pizza on Saturday, chicken on Monday, etc. It's taken the stress out of meal planning, while still leaving me some room for creativity (Pasta day could be anything from spaghetti and meatballs to pasta salad, based on what sounds good and is on sale). Since that works well for me, I'm thinking of carrying it over to my wardrobe. Monday is khaki skirt. Wednesday is denim skirt. That way, I don't spend the morning staring at the closet. I reach for the denim skirt if it's that day, and then I get to pick whatever shirt sounds good and fits the weather. That may leave too many decisions, though. I'm still contemplating and praying about it. Especially when we get to which headcovering to wear with which shirt! Yikes! :)
Hezra said…
Oh, wow! I love the new knitting. I am doing that with crochet right now. I am busy making two baby sets and dishcloths. I love your self analysis(sp??) I am doing that but with other things. More like my environment right now. Getting rid of THINGS and trying to teach children living things are more important than STUFF. it is counter culture too. But also drives us to look inward. "As a man(or woman) thinks in his(or her) heart, so is he(she)." re-evaluating my heart moment by moment. ugh. not always so great.
Anonymous said…
You look cozy on this KY chilly day! I appreciate you thinking outloud. I have pondered these things myself, but find very few people who find it important...could it be because we are protestant? I am curious as to what your husband thinks one way or the other...if that is too personal please forgive me.
Mimi said…
Lovely scarf.

And, what a blessing for you. Whooot.
Veiled Glory said…
You being you...I love. :-)
L. said…
I have to say, from a strictly secular objective point....that is a really great dress, and it looks great on you.

(I also can related, on this level: I work outside the home, and have simplified my own life my wearing the same black pants almost every day -- I even bought some spares of the same! -- and have stopped worrying about what my stylish younger co-workers think of my never-changing wardrobe.)
Father Thomas said…
I am glad for you. I have always leaned in this direction for myself. Did you know that?
Tarragon Rose said…
As I got older, I just never had the time or energy to iron blouses anymore. I ended up with a "uniform" suitable for teaching school: several simple cotton skirts in neutral colors from Deva Lifewear and about a dozen simple knit tops in different colors from L L Bean and Eddy Bauer. (If I were a better seamstress I could have made them myself.)

Skirts are long enough I can wear nylon knee-highs (cheaper and easier than pantyhose), or on cold days I can wear my handknit socks.

Every day when I get home from school I put the skirt I just wore on the right hand side of the closet and immediately put next to it a top that will go with it. Every morning I take the skirt on the left hand side of the closet, with the top hanging next to it, and that's what I wear.

It has simplified my mornings so much!

I enjoy your blogs!

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