Lesson Plans, the Jesus Prayer, and being Domestic

Today I started typing out weekly lesson plans and got two of the kids' lesson plans done. Including deciding what literature selections they have to read this year.

This give me a cozy, excited "back to school" feeling. The kids are bored. It's time to start school. Too many computer games, and it's too hot to play outside.

We also went to the library.

I've been reading a really good book since yesterday: The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios by Dionysior Farasiotis. Very very good book. Give me a burning desire to pray more. Christians (me) really should be careful to read good literature and edifying spiritual things.

And now I'm tired. I'm also about to go convert my Fast Meals from a Slow Kitchen into a GAPS diet blog if I can. We've had Bethany on the GAPS diet for a few weeks now, and I decided I need to be on the GAPS diet, too.

So, that's me.


I always look forward to your posts! I just started scd this week and am hoping for some healing. With Dormition Fast coming up I'm looking for ideas.
Alana said…
Dear Shelley in Idaho...

as far as fasting goes: talk to your priest. SCD or GAPS IS a form of "fasting".

I don't know about you, but Lent makes me SICK with carb cravings, bloating etc. because of whatever that's wrong with my body.

My favorite food in the world is BREAD or Bread with some form of sugar like jelly or Nutella. Guess what I need the least?
Veiled Glory said…
Our priest has been quoting from that book recently, too. Great stuff!
elizabeth said…
Sounds like some good things here!
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed reading your Slow Kitchen blog. Will you be converting it be exclusively GAPS? I know you are way-beyond-busy busy, but if you have the chance to post other things, that would be neat! Keep up the good work both in and out of the kitchen! I know your family appreciates it.
Peace, Janelle the geekywife

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