-slept too late to go to Matins.
-breakfast, made sandwiches for Wes.
-Did some reading on the net. Blogging perhaps, can't remember.
-Got myself ready and went and picked up milk etc. from the farmer. Enjoyed seeing and crossing the Ohio River. I love rivers.
-Lunch: Smoothies.
-Put pen to paper and made some workout plans. Finally found the missing dumbbells I'd been missing in the coat closet. Funny how things get put in odd boxes and stashed variously when one moves. Did a wee bit of lifting today, but will go hard at it starting either tomorrow or Monday.
-Ran out to try and buy a swimsuit for Maia. Every summer this happens. One of my kids will need a swimsuit in July and let me tell ya: Those things are HARD to find in July. It's already all a bunch of school uniforms and school supplies filling up the stores now. Every. Stinkin'. Year. Someone wears out their handmedown swimsuit. I think I just need to buy them all new suits at the beginnig of every season and be done with it. No luck on the swim suit, yet. Tomorrow I'll try the mall.
-organized my closet. Setting aside a bunch of skirts that make me feel frumpy. If I don't miss them in a few months, they are going away.
-Took Eric to a play date. Fun enough. But my blood sugar crashed because I hadn't eaten enough. That's taken care of now, but whooo!
-Dinner was potatoes and cabbage 'n' onions. Boring Friday food.
-In my kitchen: crockpot with chicken stock going. Will put in jars tomorrow. Kombucha ready to bottle. Must go do.
-Hopes and dreams: Been reading sewing blogs and want to sew something soon, but don't know what.
-Looking forward to: Curling up on the couch with Wes and watching a movie tonight, going to the farmer's market tomorrow, and sleep.


elizabeth said…
You know, sometimes reading the daily details of another person's day makes me feel calm and comforted. Thanks for sharing.

I am realizing I have skirts as well that make me feel unstylish and have to accept that they are no longer going to be worn (and have not been for a while).
mamajuliana said…
I had a stack of 'frump' clothes (lots of skirts and summer tops) that went to the rescue mission store today! Like you, I had been keeping them around to see if I would miss them....i didn't! off they went!
Tabitha said…
Did the July swimsuit hunt with my daughter today. We did a little online looking first to see which stores were worth trying and then pounded the pavement. We found one we could both be happy with at Target. Good luck.
Alana said…
Target was a good place for Ariana's swim suit that we had to replace after she lost her brand new suit at camp. (Grrrr.). But for Maia's sizes it was a bust. Too many bikinis and nothing else.

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