-Spent morning making a huge batch of freezer waffles and reading snatches of Nourishing Traditions while waiting for the timer on the waffles to beep.

-Talked to my Dad on the phone about fibromyalgia.

-Took daughter to pharmacy (she didn't strickly speaking have to come with me but she did) to pick up her new prescription. It only cost 33 cents!

-Made some phone call inquiries about some psychiatrists. Dead ends, all.

-Took kids to the library and found ourselves there in time to see a special program by the Raptor Rescue Society. Saw some gorgeous birds: Two types of hawks, a couple of adorable little owls and a turkey vulture.

-Did my Whole Foods shopping.

-Cooked liver and rice and veggies for supper. I love liver (used to hate it when I was a kid). Can't seem to get enough of it. Resolved to have it at least once a week. Wish Eric and Ariana would eat it.

-Went to choir practice only to find out had been cancelled. Free time! Alone! Hit the thrift store instead.

-Thirst store finds: Copy of Bridget Jones: the edge of reason, VHS movies to enjoy: An Ideal Husband (Wes loves Oscar Wilde), Two Weeks Notice and Someone Like You. Very cute coral linen jacket and a crinkle skirt that happens to match 98% of what I own.

-Resolved to go through my wardrobe soon and get rid of the frump.

-Wore a pedometer today: step count 7862...way too low. Must exercise regularly.



elizabeth said…
that is a lot of good you were able to do!
Fr. John McCuen said…
If I've mentioned this here before, please forgive me for repeating it. Those afflicted with fibromyalgia should ask their physician about a course of treatment using "Low Dose Naltrexone." For those in the USA, Naltrexone is an FDA-approved treatment (I've forgotten the specific conditions). The "LDN" uses doses that are as low as 1/100th of the full dose to address some causes of hypothyroidism, and also other conditions, such as fibromyalgia. My own physician has seen some significant improvements among several of his patients using the LDN therapy.

There is a LDN discussion group at Yahoo, and a website: The Low Dose Naltrexone Homepage. Go to the site, read what's there; then ask your doctor -- and send him or her to the website as well, if needed!
Alana said…
Interesting. I've had very great success with my fibromyalgia reversal on the guaifenesin protocol:

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