Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Plans for a "nice quiet day"

Done so far:
-Coffee with my friend R. (God has really really blessed me with some wonderful friends here!)
-cooled tea poured into Kombucha "tanks"
-milk heated up (oops I overheated it!) and cooling to make cheese later
-soaked beans rinsed and into crock pot
-laundry started

Still To Do:
-Do lots of laundry, fold and put away
-Stretching video and a weight lifting workout...although I think I'll stretch after doing the weights.
-Make fromage blanc
-get a batch of lactofermented cabbage sauerkraut started (will then be ready by Saturday) with some of the whey from the cheesemaking which is why I decided to make cheese in the first place.
-meeting tonight
-take kids to library
-call and place my farm foods order
-clean bathrooms
-continue reading Harry Potter: Half Blood Prince
-continue watching all the Harry Potter movies with the kids this week (with one eyeball while I work on the most boring crochet project ever), in anticipation of seeing the new movie out this weekend.
-play phone tag with public school personell about kids aspie evaluations.
-think about/read about swine flu vaccine issues (which I would not even bother about except that the kids may be needing it to go into the public schools for their evaluations this fall. I have to decide whether to get vaccine, or delay the evals...IF it's an issue, which I don't know if it will be.

So, WHY am I sitting here on the computer when I should be doing all this stuff? Oh yes, waiting for the milk to cool which I overheated because I was busy lookiing up a recipe...on the computer.

tip of the day: To get crinkle skirts to dry faster than air drying, I twist them up and put them into a nylon knee high stocking and the run them through the dryer. then I re-twist with the damp side out and do it again.

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elizabeth said...

sounds like a good day! Yea for meal planning and for a trip to the library!