Nourishing Traditions style Ice Cream Cake

Nourishing Traditions type of cooking...takes time and energy, let me tell you! And advance planning. But it also gives me such a sense of health and well-being that it's worth it. (Skin and hair look better too. The other day several people said they thought I was in my 20's, egads!)

The project: An ice cream cake.

Yesterday: got out my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook and looked up the devil's food cake recipe. What changes do I need to make to it?

1. use whole grain soaked flour. Ok, so last night, I measured out the flour, but made it whole wheat instead of white flour, and then got some whey (off the yogurt, I probably had half a cup or more, and added enough water to it to make it the amount of water that the recipe called for. Mix those together with the flour, cover, let sit on the counter over night.

2. Today I added the other ingredients, using palm sugar (low glycemic) in place of regular sugar, pastured eggs and coconut oil instead of canola or vegetable oil. I mixed them very well so that all would be blended. Handy Kitchen Aid!

Baked the cake in two round pans.

OK, on to the ice cream:

Had just bought real cream and milk from my handy dandy farmer S., so decided to double the "3 cups of cream" ice cream recipe to six. It was more like four cups of cream and two cups of milk. That works, too. Real vanilla (all I had, about 4.5 tsp.), a cup of agave nectar (I know, honey is more NT correct, but my metabolism really needs something lower glycemic, so we compromise), six pastured egg yolks (thank you again, farmer S.!)

All into the ice cream maker, plug it in, only to learn that the motor had decided to die sometime between last time we used it and now. Perhaps moving across state damaged it somehow. Perhaps the ice cream maker is crap made in China.

So, I had to put all in the fridge and run out and buy another ice cream maker. Grrrr. Whatever happened to the kid-powered crank ones? I bet I could order one through Lehman's Catalog.
An hour and fifteen later, I'm finally home, only to learn that I just can't grab the metal container form my old machine and stick it into the new one, or throw the new motor on top of my old bucket because the whole stankin ' thing's been redesigned by the Chinese crapmakers. Oh well. And besides, I unwittingly bought a bigger size. I am now capable of quadrupling the recipe should I so desire, in the future and making loads of icecream all at one time. Maybe we'll have a party someday, and do just that.

Soon enough the ice cream is churning. Not long after that, it was done, and now it is ripening in the freezer.

I cut one of the layers of cake in two and will make the ice cream cake like a giant oreo cookie.

Now I'm hunting for a way to make NT style frosting. Butter and cocoa would be nice, since I have lots of that on hand. How do I sweeten it? I don't want to use powdered sugar, that's for sure. I'll figure something out and post pictures when it's all done.

Enough of this. My kitchen is trashed and I ought to go clean it up. Sigh.


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