Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Ice Cream Cake


Raw grass-fed cream, raw grass-fed milk, raw pastured eggs and real vanilla and low glycemic agave nectar went into the ice cream.

Overnight whey/water-soaked whole wheat flour, pastured eggs, coconut oil and low glycemic palm sugar (along with the usual other ingredients like cocoa and baking soda) in the cake.

Grass-fed raw butter, cocoa poweder, salt and xylitol for the frosting.

My only regret was that the cocoa powder wasn't organic. It was "at least it's not Nestle" Hershey's.

OK, so if I were more of a purist with my sweeteners, I probably would have used maple syrup or honey to sweeten this stuff, but then I couldn't have had any. Pffffft.

There are six of us in our family and so half the cake was six slices. I need to triple wrap the rest in wax paper and foil in the freezer and bring it out on a special occasion before the Dormitian fast next month.

What else did I do today? Well, I skipped church and took it really really easy this morning, in order to get over the "sickishness" that is probably just my fibromyalgia rearing its stankin' ugly head because I've been so busy lately. I don't feel to guilty since I was at liturgy yesterday morning instead.

This afternoon, I made the cake frosting, homemade olive oil mayonaise, homemade ranch dressing, washed a head of lettuce, and cut up a gajillion celery and carrot sticks for the fridge. Easy snacking now. I refuse to pay for organic "baby carrots" when I can cut up organic carrots all by myself and save several dollars in so doing.

In the oven for supper: Chicken and rice. I soaked the rice overnight in whey/water, then drained it, and am baking the rice, and cut up chicken (and some salt) with a quart of chicken stock that I had waiting for me in the freezer.

A good rhythm.

I also got my day planner organized, and my household binder cleaned out today. I need address pages, and I have a neat to-do list for tomorrow. I hate to-do lists. They mean that I have to do stuff.

And I learned three things about myself: 1. Even with legal sweeteners, I still want to eat compulsively when the food is very sweet. 2. I've been depressed and isolating myself this weekend. Even from my family. I find myself driving them away so skillfully it's almost scary: whether it's hiding in my room, watching a sappy movie on the hallmark channel that drives everyone else to the back of the house (last night), or being constantly critical...and the thing I've learned is that self-isolation is a factor in eating disorders of whatever stripe. And that's all I'm gonna say about that. 3. I STINK at this whole "resting" thing.

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elizabeth said...

We all have deep wounded struggles, but from what I can see, God loves us in the midst of our brokenness.