Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My Day

In my Kitchen:

working on the sour dough bread, supposedly the starter was ready today, so I started to knead more rye flour into the starter to make it into loaves. I hated the way it felt on my hands, very different from wheat flour, so Bethany gladly helped me out. I have my doubts about whether it will turn out or not. Tomorrow will tell, when I bake it. It's supposed to sit for another day after you make the dough.

I really doubt it will be good.

Lentil soup for a too-late dinner. I felt crummy from waiting too long to eat.

Out and About:

A group of homeschooling moms got together at the park today while our kids got to know one another. Our purpose: a support group for moms with kids who have Asprger's or ADHD, learning differences (especially social learning differences/challenges). It was SO good to be with other moms in this particular trench. We were all like parched people at an Oasis of fellowship. Our aspie kids were all begging us to go home LONG before we had had our fill. typical. But they got along.

Austim Land:

We are moving forward towards getting a diganosis for Maia and Eric. Maia's speech therapy evaluations came back clean and clear (no need for speech therapy) but certain markers on the tests that indicate possible autistic spectrum issues were really strong, so now she's slated for further testing when school starts back up in August. No surprises there. I predict that when it's all said and done, that three out of four of my kids will be diagnosed on the spectrum, and the other one has sensory issues. I wish I could buy each of them a weighted blanket.

Looking forward to:

Shopping for camp items starting tomorrow. It looks like Bethany might not go to camp after all. She's just not doing well enough. This makes me sad. For her and for me. I wanted a big break, and I KNOW she wanted to go. Sigh. If I were rich I'd take her to the beach or something. This makes me so sad.

Also looking forward to celebrating Wes and my 17th anniversary on Saturday. Who knows if we'll actually get to go out, because the day is filling up rapidly: Wes and the older girls have food pantry to volunteer at, I have Farmer's market shopping to do, Eric has a Pokemon tournament, and Bethany has a birthday party she's been invited to.

On Friday I'm meeting some new accquaintances to go to the zoo. Deliberately connecting with more families who have spectrum issues. Hope all goes well and we dont' get too fried.

Reflecting on:

Praying the Rosary more again lately. Good to do. I've been struggling lately with the post-pascha spritual slump and I sure hope to get out of it soon.

Also reflecting on the intentional nature of Christian virtue. Christian virtue is not a feeling, it's a choice.

Yesterday I was listening to pod casts about Church history while folding vast mountains of laundry. Nothing like Church history to liven up laundry folding.

Sorry my blogging has been so mundane lately. It's because my LIFE has been very mundane lately, too. And I seem currently incapable of deep thoughts or eloquence. But who says deep thoughts or eloquence are necessary for the Christian life? I think most of it is rather just putting one foot in front of the other and saying "yes" to God.

I miss my friends in Lexington.


Fr. John McCuen said...

Although we have never met in person, I still want to wish you and Wes a very, "Happy Anniversary!" After all, seventeen years of married life is, in these days, quite an accomplishment. May God bless and grant you both many, many years!

elizabeth said...

I am hearing some good things - doctor evaluations (hard but good), meeting new friends and seeking to create support...

some hard things too - I have put M and E's names on my prayer list, along with the rest of your family.

Is there anything you can have on hand to eat when you are doing a later dinner? I know I am really effected by when I eat and it is a constant battle to be vigilant on this!

I wish B. could go to camp too - is there any way she can go for at least part of the time? even one or two nights? Don't give up on this one if possible (of course I do not know if it is possible, but I wish it to be so). I wish it for you and B.

once my spiritual big sister, who was going through a lot, told me about what her spiritual father said to her years ago... that there can come a time when instead of reading the Gospel, we have to live it. Real life is where it is lived and I think one foot in front of the other is a significant act of faith, esp. when life is hard.

My prayers and love.

GothGirl said...

I briefly referenced your blog on my blog, and I added a link. Come and see... oh and any tips on how to make soup stock would be helpful too. Hope you are doing well!

PS. I changed my name from Lightfinder to Gothgirl, but it's really still me. =)

Stephanie said...

I have made weighted blankets and I am sure you have the skills to do so!

it's like making a feather comforter only I put dried beans in the squares. Then I made covers of polar fleece that could be washed. I bet that you could use some sort of really tight nylon to make individual squares with playground sand and then put those in the blanket instead of beans for even better results.


Joi said...

I love reading your blog. It is not mundane to me : )
I hope you and Wes have a great anniversary on Saturday.
Sending you a big hug and know I am thinking of you.

Victoria said...

God grant you many MORE years! Thinking of you. ((((hugs to all))))

Amanda said...

I miss you too! It sounds like you have lots going on with your family. You and your family are in my prayers:)