Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kids, Mount Washmore, and Trimmed Fingernails

The kids are back from camp! I'm so happy, that I have little butterflies in my stomach. Don't get me wrong, after telling them get on that big charter bus (which was admittedly hard), and especially after I got phone calls that they'd arrived safe and sound at Antiochian Village, I proceeded to just let them have a good time, and to not worry about them at all beyond praying for their fun, health and safety.

God answered all my prayers, and now I'm being regaled with how one sibling shut another sibling into the stinky charter bus bathroom out of revenge for some familial meanness. Kids.

And of course, I have three large suitcases (a week's worth of clothes each) full of dirty stinky camp laundry to contend with. My youngest came home looking like she'd been wearing her outfit for at least a week, which, she informed me, was close to the truth, since laundry day for her cabin was on the first Friday of camp. But how that meant she didn't have clothes somehow escapes me. Perhaps some hyperbole was involved in the tale.

Suffice it to say, the kids had a good time. The camp staff even found a way to take care of Eric's weird food issues. He was eating breakfast each day, and then living off fruit and snacks from the gimme shop (choice of drink and junk food at snack time) for week one, and then someone picked up on his weird eating, and he started being fed a PBJ sandwich for lunch and a cheese sandwich at supper. Better than just fruit. I'm very grateful. Food issues. Sigh.

So, Mount Washmore grows in the bedroom, and later on today I'll have to sort and fold it all. I might recruit some help.

Oh, and I've been growing my nails out lately, and really enjoying having longer nails, but a couple of them started to break and split, so I trimmed them all back down-for now. The nice thing about fingernails, is that they grow. But while they are short, I think I should play my much neglected guitar or something.

I'm really enjoying my slow Saturday morning, but MUST get up, shower and get myself off to the farmer's market. As soon as I finish my morning coffee. ;-)


Amy said...

I'm glad everyone is home safe and sound! My girl gets home from camp tonight. Can't wait to hear about her adventures!

elizabeth said...

Fun! I remember loving camp as well... later on as a camp counselor, I can attest that some kids just loved thier fave outfit and would by pass wearing the rest of thier outfits. We were warned to be on the look out for this, as it had happened at least once that a camper (usually a young boy) would come back with a suitcase of clean clothes! :)

Glad it worked out! :)