I'm Trying to Raise some Christians Here!

Yesterday, I was so proud of my son.

You see, there was a group of kids on the play ground, including a new kid that E wanted to get to know and hopefully become friends with. (E is nothing if not persistent in his thus-far failed attempts at making friends.) But unfortunately, the new kid was hangin' with some not-new kids who wanted nothing to do with my son, for whatever reason.

And one of the girls decided to tell a THREE year old, to start beating on E. Hard. This little guy is a nasty little bruiser, and so he readily started beating on my son, who is ten.

Immediatelly the girls started making fun of E for getting beat up by a three year old. E knew there was no way he could hit back or defend himself. It would just be so wrong for a ten year old to strike a three year old. No matter what.

So E did the right thing and did not defend himself, and walked away.

I couldn't be more proud. I just hope that E can figure out that those particular kids are not worth hanging around.


Veiled Glory said…
Good kid!
Lightfinder said…
Seriously??!! Where were the other kids parents in this scenario???
Amber said…
Apparently you're succeeding! Good for your son.
elizabeth said…
Good for him. Those other kids sound nasty. :(
Mimi said…
Good for your son, but I agree with Lightfinder.

maria said…
Me too! And kudos to E!

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