Farmer's Market

I was pretty thrilled to finally go to a little Farmer's Market here in Louisville yesterday morning. It was positively microscopic compared with the vast enterprise that is Farmer's Market in Lex, but nonetheless, it was wonderful. I doubt that I could have as easily found as much as I bought yesterday, had I been at a bigger (and more confusing) market.

In the parking lot of a Presbyterian church down on Bardstown road, it was a small gathering of booths and trucks and tables. Some muscicians graced us with a bit of fiddle and guitar music, and the chill air was held at bay over in the Heine Brother's Coffee booth, where folks could buy a cup of coffee to sip while they shopped.

I bought:

Fresh Greens
Local Honey (2 pounds!)
Two dozen local eggs
5 pounds of local, grass fed beef at an incredible four dollars per pound!
Big vat o' lard (non hydrogenated!)
Radishes! (the greens are edible, too, you know).
Green onions
A basil plant to grow in our container garden
Cilantro, also for our container garden.
Locally made raw cheeses (I bought two different types).

Next week I'll go have plan on having breakfast there: Giant cinnamon roll and a coffee. And I might see if I can buy a tomato seedling as well.

It was nice, it was charming. It was what food shopping should be. My locovore friends would be so proud of me.

And after that, I went to Walmart. Ha!


I adore little Farmer's Markets! I also like raw local honey.
elizabeth said…
ha! i understand this humour...

farmers markets are wonderful! and i also love local honey... yummm
Veiled Glory said…
Lard!!! You Found LARD! You could bake the most wonderful pie crusts now....
Katherine said…
Hi Alana - just wanted to comment that oddly enough, my mother owns a business down off Bardstown Road. It's Duncan Auctions on the Buechel Bypass. I'm in North Idaho but it's always neat to be reminded of visits to Louisville (Looahvull). :) God bless.

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