Chicken Salad

Here is a very wholesome and nourishing chicken salad that contains lots of good fruits and veggies, plenty of protein and some healthy fats:

First, make some mayo: Two eggs, a goodly splash of lemon juice, a squirt of brown mustard and salt and pepper in the blender. Turn it on. Then veeeeeeery slowly drizzle in 2 cups of olive oil while the blender is still on. Taste. Add a bit of stevia if needed.

Stick the mayo in the fridge (glass bowl is best).

chop and add to a big bowl:

4 free range farm fresh boiled eggs
leftover chicken meat I had about 2 cups, perhaps a bit more
6-8 small red radishes
2 large green onions
2 stalks of celery
2 red apples

then rummage around in the fridge to see if there are any leftover baked potatoes. Those can be chopped and added. Tonight there were no potatoes, but there was some cooked brown rice! Throw that in as well (no more than a cup of the rice total.

Stir all of this and add a couple of dollops of that homemade mayo. Stir, and salt/pepper to taste.

Serve with multi grain crackers or homemade bread.

It's a great way to use up some leftovers, some random veggies that might be lurking in the bottom of the fridge and it's cool and refreshing on a hot spring evening.


Mama Temple said…
Perfect! How did you KNOW I was planning to make chicken salad! I like the idea of making my own mayo and you put it out there all easy like. THANK YOU! ;)

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