Patience and Charity

and patience and charity, and some more patience and some more charity. That is what I need because I am about out of those qualities on my own, in regards to the maintenance situation with our apartment.


When we moved in, there was no hot water. For weeks. Six, to be exact. Then they jackhammered the slab in our bathroom to fix the slab leak the week before Christmas. Merry Christmas, we had hot water, and a buggered up bathroom.

Well, that got fixed soon enough...almost. Somehow, someone forgot the baseboard tiles in our bathroom. It's been four months. We've reminded them. It's not an emergency, so not a priority therefore it's not done.

The second slab leak due to the ice storm got fixed a bit quicker and no jackhammering was required in our unit, but it represents a couple more weeks with cold water.

Did I mention the time the roof collapsed on the unit above us, and we had water pouring in through our ceiling during a really bad rain on Christmas eve? They fixed that right quick all nice and tidy.

And then there is the broken light in our bathroom. It sat there for months as well. Nice and dark. It finally got fixed last Friday, so that the crew could see to rip our wall out and work on another plumbing leak. See, we have water leaking onto our kitchen floor from some upstairs drain or other.

Today a maintenance man was in here with a contractor, looking at the job. Said they'd come back this afternoon. So I called Wes to see if he could work from home because one of our kids had a doctor appointment this afternoon and the others couldn't really come with me and I couldn't leave them here while contractors were here. So he came home to work.

And the crew never showed.

Supposedly they are coming bright and early tomorrow morning at 8 am. If we get up at the crack and they aren't here then, I'll be pissed off delicately perturbed in a genteel sort of way. I have no reason to think they will keep their appointment.

Oh, and our air conditioner does not work, pending a routine maintenance check on it this week or next week when it will get fixed. Meanwhile, the windows are open.

And while I was starting to fix supper just now, the microwave handle came loose in my hand. I think some super glue is in order because I just don't want to deal with them again.

Why, why, why?????? But here's my mantra: When stuff goes wrong... We don't have to pay for it.


elizabeth said…
man. this is not good. have you put your requests in writing with dates? and do you keep copies? i would document all phone calls in a notebook with time, date and what said. there must be renters laws/tribunals or something that you can appeal to and mention that you will be contacting about the lack of timely work. also see you lease and see what it says about repairs and time taken etc. Can you legally withhold rent or take other action that will make them do things quicker?

Once when I had a slumlord landlord I mentioned the Ontario Housing Tribunal as my next step and the repairs were done quickly.

you should have rights as tenant. use them so I say!

Good luck. Keep us posted. I know how stressful and discouraging bad landlords are...
Ahavah said…
note to self: I must get the missing button repaired on the toilet seat that our tenants child flushed away....

second note to self: must make greater efforts to make our tenants life happier!

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