Lovely Feast of the Annunciation

Matins this morning was starting at 5:45 and of course I did not plan on making that...just liturgy at 7 am. But my two oldest were up and ready at the crack-o-dawn and woke me up, so at 5:59 we were out the door and headed over there. It was nice. No clock, no way to keep track of time, so you just step out of time for a while and listen and pray. Being up and at Church that early reminded me of being at the monastery a few weeks ago. That same timeless feeling.

I love the candle light in the morning darkness. After about forty five minutes a bird could be heard heralding the coming sunrise outside the cracked chapel window, and more people started drifting in, and the sky started lightening. And soon enough I noticed that choir members were drifting towards the choir corner, so I did too.

Liturgy was wonderful and rousing. But I got very dizzy part way through and had to sing sitting down.

We went on home after (I think I heard a rumor of food in the fellowhsip hall but I couldn't eat it and neither could half my kids, so home we went.) Since it's a feast day, I promised the kids I'd make gluten free fritters, which I did. I also made myself some low carb fritters, and that was a good treat with the decaf coffee that still seems to wake me up a bit.

A very cool, wet and gray day. The sun is NOT shining, but now my two youngest are out in the sand pit by the play ground building castles in the wet sand. That's fun. I promised them I'd keep an eye out for some cheap sand toys at walmart or something. I'm glad that my kids are still kids, that at almost 15, 13, and soon enough 11 and 10, they still like play grounds and digging in the sand.

Since it is a feast day, we made it special by only doing math for school and then watching Phantom of the Opera together. I'd forgotten about the murders. But a good illustration of creepy people who are overly needy and controlling. We also discussed the classic "literary" elements and the use of color: white versus black horse, for instance...

And I finally went through the kids' respective closets and figured out who has what, who needs what and who can pass what along to whom and what needs to be pitched. I hate that job, but it has to be done twice a year. Gonna need to do some clothes shopping for this summer, that's for sure.

Well, happy feast day. In case you're not Orthodox, it's the feast of the Annunciation. You know: March 25...nine months till Christmas. We should mark the time of this life with the Kingdom of Heaven. Happy Feast Day!


elizabeth said…
happy feast day!

isen't the monestary wonderful?

i am so happy you got to go!

it is an hour and a half from where i grew up... i find this very comforting, even though i now live quite a ways from 'home'...

i look forward to returning again DV...

happy feast day yesterday and ArchAngel Gabriel today!

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