Thinking about the New Year

For the past several years, I've sort of been against forming any New Year's resolutions. I've managed to accomplish quite a bit without them, for one thing.

I think last year, I resolved to read the Bible, and while I did not complete that goal, I can definitely say that I read the Bible more often than I did the year I'm still building that habit.

So I've been thinking of goals and habits and what I want 2009 to include, and here's my list:

I want to build my already exisiting exdercise habit to include not just walking, but also some weight lifting again.

I do NOT want to diet, but I do want to continue working on merely eating healthfully when I am hungry. But officially, it's my new year's resolution to NOT go on any weight reduction diets in 2009. I'm scared, it's like taking the training wheels off.

I want to work on more creative ways of doing works of charity. My current project is learning to knit socks., and I need to put some snaps on the stuff I made for Goods for Girls and send those off. (hangs head in shame). I also want to make more pads for that projects.

Keep on keeping on with the Scripture study and spiritual reading.

Make it to Matins more often (I go on many days, but not every time the doors are open).

This means: Get to BED by 11 pm.

OK, enough.


Veiled Glory said…
Very good not-so-resolutions. :-)
Sounds like a wise and healthy plan for the new year.
elizabeth said…
blessings on your new year!
Michelle M. said…
That is a great list. I like the no-diet resolution- the complete opposite of what "everyone else" is doing :) Enjoy!

Thanks for adding the prayer button for my mom. And thank you, especially, for your prayers!
Tabitha said…
I tried posting yesterday but couldn't seem to get my identity/password right. (Feeling rather muddled-headed) Anyway, just wanted to wish your dh a happy birthday.

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