My First Sock!

Yesterday, I completed knitting my first sock! For many years, knitting socks seemed like an unattainable knitting goal, as turning the heel held all the mysteries of the unknown. Turns out it's simple, and a you tube tutorial gave me the confidence I needed.

This sock (and yes, I've started on its mate,) is knit in lovely 100% wool (Patons brand). My youngest daughter helped to pick out the bubblegum pink. And the pattern is from one of the links at


Congrats! Such a pretty sock. A family friend taught me to knit as a child, but I haven't tried to knit in years. Thanks for the link!
Veiled Glory said…
Congrats! Sock knitting is highly addictive. ;-)
Laura said…
Alana...thank you so much for providing this link. They take crocheted items too, so I'm not left out of the loop, so to speak!
Don M. said…
That's taking it to the next level. Does look like your holding your nose, though. You didn't knit a used sock did you?
Debby said…
That is an awesome sock, you sure it is your first one? You did well :)
Mimi said…
That sock rocks! Or does that knock my socks off? Either way, awesome job!
John Nicholas said…
That is not a sock. That is Hosiery!

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