I've become one of THEM

...one of those evil people who impose their music onto their blog readers. Hate it? Scroll down to the bottom to turn it off.

Don't worry, it's most likely temporary.


JustinZ said…
Bwahahaha! I read your blog via RSS, so don't hear it anyway!
mamajuliana said…
Thats ok, Alana. I usually have my sound turned off anyway...but I do like your music selection. I had my computer sound on this time and your selections can up with my AOL Jazz Christmas at the same time...interesting to say the least!
Veiled Glory said…
Your music selection is tolerable, I suppose. ;-)
Tabitha said…
I like what I've heard so far. In fact, I recognize it all from my own CD collection!
John Nicholas said…
Nice selection of music; I enjoyed it thoroughly last night while doing another task.

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