Happy Saint Nicholas Day!

This morning we went to liturgy. St. George's Chapel was packed out, and the choir was in rare form. Such a soprano section! (I want to join.) I cried whenever we sang any of the old familiar tunes that I know from St. Athanasius Church. I get homesick at those times, but a good homesick. The type that knows we are really all united.

We are getting our first sticking snow today, which was happening as we exited the Chapel. This thrilled the kids and they hopped around in glee on our way over to the fellowship hall for a small St. Nicholas Day celebration.

After a light lunch, all the usual goodies were proffered: Chocolate gold coins, an "appearance" of the saint himself, and a story about St. Nicholas' life. Then each child also received a small St. Nicholas Icon and a few kids got pretty light catchers with St. Nicholas on them.

The older girls got to stay for a bit longer and help out with the food pantry work that's done once a month, and I was glad for that.

My instinct is to bake sweet bread on this day, so I whippped out some gluten free cinnamon cranberry rolls and some lemon flavored yeast cake (not gluten free). It's in the oven and I'd best go check it.

Happy feast day to all.


elizabeth said…
happy St. Nicholas Day to you as well!!!
Mimi said…
Happy St. Nicholas Day! It sounds wonderful, as does the cranberry bread. Enjoy!
Jennifer said…
Happy St. Nicholas Day! I wish our church had been packed! That would've been a sight to see, but I think most families have been out of town since Thanksgiving weekend.

PS - we're gluten free around here as well.

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