Grocery Limbo: How Low Can You Go?

Come play grocery limbo with me! Here's how it works: Take your usual grocery budget, and see if you can spend less than that the next time you go shopping. At our house, I'm doing lots more bean soup type of meals and homemade cornbread...that sort of thing. Basic ingredients. Cooking from scratch.

I'm off to a bad start this week because I've had to make two late night/early morning "quickie" stops (those always end up costing more) because dh's car is in the shop and I haven't had time to do my usual big grocery run.

Your weekly score: Just what you spend on food, divided by how many people are in your family. If you eat out, that counts. Add those numbers to the grocery budget.

See how low you can go. Can you push that number down next week?

What do you all think? Would this be a fun blog meme?

I think some recipes and ideas at might be helpful.

Let me know in the comments box if you are doing this, too, and perhaps we can exchange ideas.


Tabitha said…
Question: define grocery budget. Is this just foodstuff only or does it include toiletries and cleaners and lightbulbs and school supplies and replacement of small appliances? Where do you draw the line?
Alana said…
Just food. Subtract out the other stuff.
H and S said…
I've been doing the same thing, up to the point where I just developed my monthly menu consisting mainly of very cheap meals for my family of 6. But there was suddenly a major spanner in the works. I'm in early pregnancy, and on Tuesday night (second night of my new monthly cheap meal plan) I was about to start the lasagne from the menu... when my stomach seized up and I felt ill just thinking about lasagne, and I realised that what I was CRAVING was Indian. So I made an emergency trip to the Indian grocery store and spent all afternoon slaving over keema parathas and moghlai chicken... er... perhaps I'll do better next week.

Having said that, I think your idea is a great one!!! I love the Hillbilly Housewife website. Just baked her "red beans and rice" recipe this morning - super cheap and delicious.
H and S said…
What's your recipe for cornbread?

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